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Congratulations to Artemis Investments!!!!!

August 7th, 2010

On behalf of Guy and myself we would like to say a massive congratulations to Leven, Don, Ray and Livar for smashing the long standing speed record across the North Atlantic (W to E) by completing the epic journey in 43 days 21 hours & 26 minutes!


Flying Ferkins enters the record books yet again!!!

Update on “Artemis Investments” (aka “Flying Ferkins”)

July 7th, 2010

It has been a while since I have ventured back onto the site but thought I can keep things drifting a long with the latest news on Flying Ferkins, now known as Artemis Investments.

She started her latest adventure on the 17th June leaving from New York on course to the Scilly Isle. Skippered by Leven Brown (her new owner) and crew mates Don Lennox, Ray Carroll & Liver Nysted they intend to beat the speed record on the route “Atlantic West to East from NY Area” set by Harboe & Samuelsen (NY to Scilly Isles in 1896) in 55 days 13 hours.

After returning to land twice (1-due to damage to the boat, 2 -unfavourable weather conditions) eventually they left on the 17th June and continue to make good progress. You can follow their journey on the Ocean Rowing Society website:


 Just a little note to add: On 29th June Artemis Investments set a new 24 hour speed record for an ocean rowboat of 117 miles!!! Nice to see her pedigree shining through!!


Flying Ferkins has gone to a new home!

February 25th, 2010

We have successfully sold FF! Little sad that she is no longer owned by us, although she goes on to conquer many more oceans and hopefully break & set¬†some more records!¬†In actual fact she is already being prepared back at her birth place for a North Atlantic crossing this summer! (We’ll keep you updated)

All debts are settled and Orchid have received a nice share of the wonga. So, we would like to take this opportunity one last time to say thank you to all party’s involved and we can safely say the project can be remembered as a success from start to finish.

Best wishes,

Team MSS

Citizen watch sweepstake winner - Marco Cortese

August 13th, 2009

Thank you to all those who took part in the Team MSS sweepstake, sponsored by Citizen watches.

Marco Cortese of Damovo UK Ltd¬†predicted the closest finishing time for our world record breaking Ocean row.¬†’Flying Ferkins’ crossed the finishing line at 16:40 GMT on Thursday July 30th 2009¬†after 102 days, 13 hours and 40 minutes at sea.

Congratulations to Marco who has won two Citizen dive watches (male and female versions) he has kindly donated the watches back to the charity which sold for over £300.

Thanks again to for everyone who took part and to those involved who made it such a success whilst we were both at sea.

Team MSS out 

Great to be back on UK soil - ‘no really it is actually a good thing’

August 11th, 2009

Just getting things sorted this end and trying to sort through emails etc.

The thing¬†I keep being asked is ‘How does it feel to have rowed an Ocean??’. All¬†I can say at the moment is that it hasnt really sunk in yet but I am so glad that both Andrew and I have come out of the experience as good friends. That is something that¬†I was always concerned about due to¬†the¬†fact that on so many¬†Ocean rows pairs¬†never speak again.

Loving the great weather and beautiful ‘lush’ English countryside. It is so green here and it is so nice to have email and phone access finally. I will hopefully be a little easier to get in contact with now!!

Anyway, dont feel that you cant keep blogging now its all over, let the addiction continue..

Guy out  

Guy Watts - Arriving in the UK [Monday 10th August]

August 10th, 2009

I will be arriving at Heathrow on August 10th on flight BA0122 @ 18.40, Terminal 5 for all those who wish to come to the airport.

Guy out.

Team MSS - World records

August 4th, 2009

After a successful and safe crossing of the Indian Ocean we felt it was important to explain the records that Team MSS have achieved. There had never been a successful Indian Ocean crossing by a pairs team before Flying Ferkins. We are now recognised as holders of the following world records;

1st Pairs team (assisted or otherwise) across the Indian Ocean
1st Pairs team (unassisted) to have crossed.
The 1st Pairs team (unassisted) to have rowed land to land across the Indian Ocean
Fastest pairs crossing and Fastest Pairs crossing land to land

In addition to these world records we have also achieved a race fleet record 24 hour mileage of 72nm jointly with Pura Vida. Flying Ferkins also managed a 7 day record, rowing 449nm over the 7 days between 19th and 26th July. An average daily mileage of 64nm.

Whilst future attempts to row the Indian Ocean by other pairs may break a number of these records, there is one record that will always be ‘Flying Ferkins’ and that is the land to land record. To listen to an interview with us aired on Mercury FM this morning go to mercuryfm website and click on local news…

Team MSS Andrew and Guy Out

Back on dry land

August 4th, 2009

Hello to everyone who has supported us during our epic adventure. Words can’t describe how important all your encouragement¬†and enthusiasm has been to get us through the last two and a half years - from early fundraising through to race completion.

Mauritius has proved the ideal place for the end of our long journey. We have been joined by close friends and family and I am staying in a hotel with an all you can eat buffet, for those¬†of you that know me, I¬†don’t think I need to say anymore!!!¬†Therefore after 102 days at sea¬†it has been hard to do anything else rowing related.

However we are now¬†back and my head is a little clearer so I wanted to take the time to¬† thank my personal bloggers; Greg ‘Legend’ Charman, Neil ‘U2′¬†Tutton and of course my brother Tom who has held it all together whilst¬†I have been¬†away. Tom’s support has been unconditional and I was able to leave for Australia knowing that things were in safe hands.

We wouldnt be in the position we are today without the help of Jeremy Christey and Timothy Howard. Their role in assisting us to safely cross the Indian Ocean and ultimately achieve 5 world records has been vital. Andrew and I consider them a fundamental part of the team.

We also wish to thank all of our sponsors for their support - we could not have done it without you.

¬†Looking forward to seeing you all back in the UK…¬†I will be arriving at Heathrow on August 10th on flight BA0122¬†@ 18.40 for all those who wish to come to the airport.

Guy out

On Solid Ground!!!

July 30th, 2009

WE MADE IT!  Wow, we are totally overwhelmed by the support we have had during the race it kept us going every stroke.  Walking is a bit tricky and both are a little lighter than when we started some 100+ days ago.  To get those World Records is the icing on the Angel Cake that was waiting for me at the finish!

That was the toughest challenge we have ever attempted and to win is an indescribable feeling. We are having a well deserved beer here in Mauritius and will update you tomorrow when I stop tripping over my own feet!

A big big thanks to Jem & Tim for their enduring commitment, time and passion to the project & especially for believing in us when we where at our lowest. You won us the race!Again a big thanks to everyone who has supported us and contributed to this blog.

And finally a lot of respect to Southern Cross who pushed us all the way.

Goodnight & thanks from Mauritius



Go to our Gallery where you will see more photographs of the finish of our race!

Update - Winning Line Crossed [whoop yeah !!!]

July 30th, 2009

After an epic 102 day row we are ecstatic to tell you that Flying Ferkins - Andrew & Guy, have achieved the impossible and crossed the official Woodvale finish line at 16:40 GMT on Thursday July 30th 2009.

Words can’t describe how thrilled and delighted we all are that they have accomplished the 3,132nm across the Indian Ocean.

More to follow once they reach dry land - this will be the first ever crossing land to land by a pair.

Claire, Tina, Nigel, John, Tom, Gem, Sarah, Mose and Dione out.