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Archive for April 6th, 2009

In Geraldton with less than two weeks to go!

Monday, April 6th, 2009

We arrived on Friday afternoon in Geraldton with 32 degrees of heat but where thankfully saved from walking anywhere with our kit by Peter Groom from Geraldton Yacht Club who has been very kind in letting us stay in the Yacht Club hall. The boat arrived safely the same day and all equipment & food have cleared customs! To keep updated on the other boats in the race and the various goings on here you can also check out the official Woodvale race website www.indianoceanrowingrace09.com  

We have finally settled and have regular Internet access so we can now keep you all updated on a daily basis. Scrutinising on the boat starts tomorrow which means we’ll find out how much work we’ll have to do on the boat…or not. So,¬†all the relaxing of the last week has finally come to an end and the hard work is about to begin!