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Archive for May 4th, 2009

Day 15 Making headway

Monday, May 4th, 2009

All pretty good not very much to report all a¬† bit boring but we’ve had calm water today and should have the same for the next few days so we can make good headway.¬† Yesterday a ship flashed up on the AIF called ‘What a Bum” - we called them up to ask them their position -¬† made us think of our bums………….!¬† There are loads of flying fish on the deck each morning…………

We were able to talk to Sarah Outen today she  passed the 1,000 mile  mark on Saturday it was good to chat with her she is happy and confirms the weather coming to us is pretty calm.

We use the shower to mainly rinse off all the salt - don’t think we are smelling too bad!¬† The moon has been full on the last few nights so we haven’t seen much of the stars - no shooting stars so far.¬† The Apricot crumble is so sour - horrid…….!¬† Both feeling pretty up beat and chilled at the moment.¬† Thank you for the questions will do our best to have the right answers.

Andrew out