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Archive for May 8th, 2009

Update from Support Crew

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Fellow bloggers, it’s frustrating that their position is not publically known at the moment, but panic ye not, we haven’t deliberately gone into stealth mode, although having thought about it, therein could lie a cunning plan…
The support vessel is meeting with them to pass them a spare tracker, which will remain on for the whole race as per the race instructions.¬† Should this not work, we’ll definately find another way of describing it and feeding it back.
Meanwhile, do be reassured that we talk to them every day, I’m sorry that those who have contact are in¬†a bit of an exclusive club, but we’re trying to keep it nice an easy for them.¬† They are fine, and trucking along more or less pacing Southern Cross.¬† The winds this weekend will abate further and the rowing is what they hoped it would be, fast, comfortable, with some nice waves and some cracking tunes.¬†
As they push themselves for boat speed both their bodies and minds are holding up really well.
The tracker problem will be resolved shortly we hope and meanwhile let’s keep pulling for the boys, metaphorically speaking.

Support Crew out

Day 19 Flat calm and we’re flying!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

I know it must be really frustrating for you guys back home that you’re not getting a regular reading of our position.¬† No we haven’t decided to be a stealth missile - well not yet anyway!!¬† We have an intermittent connection with the GPS at the moment that hopefully will get sorted in the next 24 hours.¬† We are fine it is really flat calm and we are rowing a lot together and trying out different schedules to see which works best.¬† We are on a south westerly course and we feel we are making great progress.

Andrew out

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