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Archive for May 13th, 2009

Day 24: Answers to Questions

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Right I am sitting here in my little coffin watching Guy on his shift. The weather at the moment is less than favourable, but hopefully should be getting better over the weekend. Still no wildlife to be seen and not much else to report. Lots of time on the boat to think and catch up on reading, Bill Bryson at the moment. Good to hear Man United edging ever closer to the title as well, never too far away for football results!!!!

Ok so I have decided to answer some of the burning questions that have been asked by you lot.

Amelia Watts (aged 2): “Did either of you take a cuddley toy?”¬†¬†¬† Yes Amelia, Tina got both of us a monkey to take with us, one was ginger and the other was grey. They are hanging above our heads in the cabin.

Moses: “There must at least be some accidental spooning going on?!”¬†¬†¬†¬† Yes Moses regretfully accidental spooning has occurred, though luckily we had sheets over us so no skin to skin contact and is the result of a rocking (in the sea motion sense)¬†boat!!!!!!

Neil: “Have either of you had to get into the water yet? Toss a coin for it I guess?”¬† Guy is on first barnacle duties on the weekend when the weather should be better and the water calmer. I dont get out of it though and it will be my turn in a month.

Keep those questions coming and thanks for all the support,

Andrew out

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