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Archive for May 14th, 2009

Day 25: The next big challenge

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Hi guys, just to let you know, thanks alot for all the questions and all the support you have been putting on the website. We have also heard a few people have put donations on the Orchid charity website, keep those coming and tell everyone you can about it. As I’m sure Jeremy has been updating you we are doing relatively well…cracking along on the old rowing and seeing some big mileage coming up. Sorry about the tracker we’re going to have to keep updating it every 24 hours- we hope thats good enough.

To answer a few questions we have had come through over the last couple of days. Mike Moss asked who we would sub for the day, Andy didn’t take long to answer Scarlett Johannson..or his girlfriend…mainly his girlfriend!¬†If you ask Craig Jelly he can¬†send you some photographs to explain why we would want her onboard. I would choose Ben Fogle, a random choice..I’m sure you are aware he did the¬†Atlantic crossing, theres a bit in the book that me and Andy joke about. James (Cracknell) comes out half way through Bens mid afternoon shift, Ben is clearly quite distraught having been rowing all afternoon in big heat.¬† All James can say to him is “Ben…why aren’t you sweating?” I’d love to have him onboard so I could come out in the mid-afternoon and verbally abuse him like that!

Someone asked¬†who we would like to be a fly on the wall for¬†, that would be Southern Cross. We’d love to sit on there and see what those¬†2 boys are up to.

Russell thanks alot for trying, as usual,¬†to trick me and Andy and as we didn’t do too well in our GCSE or A levels you probably think we’d get this wrong.I think we can both answer that all 6 rungs would be out of the water at high tide as the whole boat would lift up. So we weren’t confused about that, we’d say its a very pathetic attempt to confuse us!!

In regards to beard length- Andy looks like a cross between Osama Bin Laden and Bill Odie, as you can imagine quite funny!! I’m struggling along, Andy thinks I look like the¬†Sherriff of Nottingham with my wispy tash, absolutely revolting!

OK guys thats about it from Andy and I, keep following us. Thanks alot to Mark Watts for his message, Peter and Jenny, Chris Thew (both looking forward to his fry ups!) and everyone else who left a message.

PS. Andy and I are looking to do a Smith and Weston challenge when we get back in July…it’ll be potato skins for starter, a downtown double with bacon and cheese with a side of onion rings for main and a belly buster (on your own) to follow…more than happy if anyone is up for the challenge (and to sub our meal as we are quite poor at the moment!). If you’re interested come to Horsham in July and we’ll take you down!

Cheers everyone.

Guy out.

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