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Archive for May 21st, 2009

Day 32: Riding the storm out

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Bonjourno from Flying Ferkins. A quick blog to say that Andy and I have just gone through a horiffic night yet Flying Ferkins is still above water and so are we! Just to thank again everyone for the messages of support. Especially to James Bird for reminding us about Mr Spackman unfortunately he didn’t come on board but if James can sort that out for the next trip we would love to have him onboard.

We had a question about laundry. As you are all aware we lost our laundry bucket so we have to do it with fresh water, soap and dry it all on the deck…bit of a nightmare to do to be honest! We’ve been wondering why James is going to Columbia, hope hes not doing any drug trafficking as he is that sort of character! Let us know about that James. Hope everyone has heard about the sweepstake, hopefully as many people as possible can get involved with that and help us support our causes.

Quick film update. During the storm me and Andy¬†have been¬†going through the Bourne series, I’m about to hit number 3, Andy is about to hit number 2. Making use of the limited power that we have! Music wise, Im listening to Enya and Clannad at the moment, trying to chill myself out, bit homosexual admittedly. A bit of U2 and Sting too….Thats about it at the moment…


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