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Archive for June 1st, 2009

Day 43 - Surf’s up!

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Andrew and Guy continue to move swiftly along aboard Flying Ferkins, presently at 1215nm. It’s fair to say a little more ladder’s than snakes at the moment (think board game!). They are in a positive current at the moment and the boat is being kept at a relatively constant 2.5kn!

As you can see from ‘Day 41 - On The Crest Of A Wave’ the boys have been enjoying some surfing. I think you would all agree surfing is a very cool sport.  So it’s even cooler when you manage do it on ocean rowing boats, which is what the boys have been up to the last couple of days. One of the main reasons for some good distances being made is because Flying Ferkins is surfing. Just like on a board, they try and catch the wave.  Sometimes wind and waves align favourably behind them  so they can surf.  Like regular surfing, the waves are going quicker than you and you have to get the boat speed up, dig the nose down and cascade off the front of the wave, staying in it for as long as possible, as you speed up with it. You’ll quickly lose it and then you line yourself up for the next one, and so on. Good times.

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To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

Tom out [thank you to Jem for his surfing instructions!]