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Archive for June 12th, 2009

Day 54 - Going East when we rowed West

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Sorry it’s been a while since we both blogged. It’s been a strange couple of weeks. Had some really hard & rubbish times as you can see from our tracker. Tough times when going East when we rowed West so there were a couple of things I tried to think about at this time of advertsity. Don’t know how many of you know but Sir Ranulph Fiennes recently climbed Everest and there is a quote:

“Forget about thinking you are going to succeed. You have just got to keep plodding. Imagine it’s a mountain with no top.”

This is the same as what we are doing. Whether going East or West we have got to stick in the game and keep focused on getting to Mauritius. The other was when Andy was on the phone to another ocean rower Simon and he asked Andy how we were coping in these tough times and getting through it and Andy replied “helping each other”.  As there are two of us we can help each other and we are always thinking positive.

Quick thanks for the messages we’ve got from Will Salter and family!So pleased to have your support and Will’s company Paragon Software Systems are one of our sponsors too.Thanks for your all your support. Ron - Can’t wait for toad in the hole but as long as you don’t burn it like last time! Dione - we will try and get Flying Ferkins flying but we just need to get some good conditions! Clive and Andy - Thanks for your message.When we are in storms we try to clean the boat and make sure everything on the boat is ship shape for when we start again. All about making sure everything is fixed and ready.Also if its really bad and we are on para anchor you have to watch films, read books, listen to audio books that kind of stuff. Mainly about getting the boat ready and thinking positively about the next step. Peter S - Please keep praying for us, both for good weather and and safe arrival in Mauritius. Thanks for your message on the website and looking forward to meeting you for a beer when we get back. Cheers guys looking forward to telling you soon that we have hit the half way mark.

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Guy out.