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Archive for June 20th, 2009

Day 62 Para Anchor Again!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Well we are trapped again in a north westerly getting blown south east we have the para anchor holding our position as we fight not to go east.¬† We were heading south west last night but that has all changed as we hit a weather system, so we’re stuck in this shitty situation until Tuesday/Wednesday next week and we’ve just got to sit it out……………………..very frustrating and there is no point in rowing.

Flying Ferkins is holding up well,¬† thank you Rossiters, she’s doing all she should and we are quite safe and comfortable on board at times like these.¬† We manage to keep clothes dry for the cabin as we are often getting a soaking while rowing.¬† Our spirits are still high and we are going to make it though it could be early August before we hit the Mauritian coast.

We are left with lots of time to think and my list of things to be bought out to Mauritius grows!!  Along with the Haribo the clippers are the most important item - Man Friday has nothing on me!

So as we prepare to hang on in there waiting for this system to pass we’re thinking of you all and again can’t thank everyone enough for all the support we are getting it really is awesome.¬† Thank you.

Andrew out.

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