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Archive for July 9th, 2009

Day 81 - Game of cards anyone ?

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

It’s been pretty boring!¬† Watched Miami Vice. It is cloudy so using up batteries. Played cards which Gemma gave us, a¬†game called sh*t Head!!!¬† Talking throughout¬†the day.¬† I am reading Bill Bryson book on Australia which is good and I have finished it. Still quite warm in this area which makes it more enjoyable.

Thanks Caroline Watts for the poem it was really nice and I am trying to use your methods which you went through with me. I use it to calm myself on a daily basis.

The Captains Club Hotel¬† - we¬†hope the Mudeford Funday Race went well.¬† Sorry we weren’t there to support you! We will try and come along next year?¬† Helen, thanks for your message and we hope you are enjoying being safely back in England and not rowing! Claire and the team from Local Web Solutions - thank you for your messages of support.

Joe, happy to discuss your Atlantic row over a few beers when we get home as long as you buy some team MSS clothing!

Thanks Fiona Watts - can’t wait to meet up in London on our return in London.¬† Please all look at Sarah Outen’s site. She has done¬†nearly 100 days at sea.¬† Congratulations for your amazing efforts Sarah.

Jess, sadly we haven’t caught any fish but we are both looking forward to one of your lasagne’s when we get back.

Cheers guys, thanks a lot.  Cheers!

Guy out.

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