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Archive for July 17th, 2009

Day 89 - Great Branding Company

Friday, July 17th, 2009

We met Guy and Andrew over a year ago now, back in Febuary 2008 from memory. We were very impressed with them both! In fact although they approached us with a view to direct financial sponsorship, we saw a better way to get involved.

The Great Branding Company agreed to support their ocean rowing attempt by using our expertise in clothing and merchandise. Having worked on some of the largest sporting events worldwide, such as World Cups [Football], UEFA Champions League finals, rugby, cricket, basketball and music events! For these events the Great Branding Company create merchandise that is desirable and comfortable to both event organisers and fanwear sold to the end consumer.

We have helped Guy and Andrew by providing: A selection of Quality Clothing for performances activity (training wear), Leisurewear and Promotional merchandise to be sold for fund raising.

All the clothing we have provided has been branded with the Indian Ocean Rowing logo and sponsor branding where possible as this would raise the profile / awareness when Guy and Andrew were out and about.

We discussed with them that they should create a strong brand identity and so look into creating a unique logo for the ‚ÄúIndian Ocean Race‚ÄĚ, this they did and we assisted with the interpretation of the logo to be transferred onto garments.

Guy and Andrew are an inspiration to us all! They somehow continued to do their day job and trained to take on such a feat! We were delighted to contribute to helping these lads achieve their goal! I did think they were MAD to attempt such a gruelling challenge. But I think in this world a little madness goes a LONG WAY in our business so why NOT play our part in their SUCCESS !!!

Pino Grillo, Managing Director, Great Branding Company out.