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Archive for July 18th, 2009

Day 90: A tough week

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Hi everyone, what a tough week it’s been, rowing like bastards!¬† We’re only getting about 6 hours off at the moment so I need to be quick, I’ve got to sleep.¬† Hope you are all OK.¬† Last Friday we saw a Blue Whale - the most incredible thing I have ever seen. The size of a bus, just incredible.¬† Apart from that just been cracking on with the rowing, really excited about getting to the 1000 miles to go mark and can’t wait to get to Mauritius!¬† Lots of positive thoughts on board.¬† Thanks again to everyone for looking at the blog, please keep putting your messages on there - can’t wait to read them all when we get home.¬† Just a few messages…congratulations to Mike Moss from MSS (our title sponsor) on his newborn - Andy and I are really excited for you. Trumpet- we will keep plodding on, in the style of the Berlin marathon.¬† Dione - can’t believe you are coming out to see us in Mauritius - hearing that you were coming really put a smile on my face during my last set. Darren from Paragon - thanks for your supportive message.¬† Fiona and Simon - thank-you again for mentioning the incredible effort our team have been making, we have got a really good group of girls helping us back home. Also thanks to Angus from Architectural Plants for your great guest blog.¬† Can’t wait to read all of these messages when we get back! Alright guys, time for bed I think.

Guy out
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