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Archive for July 21st, 2009

Day 93 - 500nm push is on!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Hello it’s me thought I’d do my bit of the blog today together with my list of things to bring out!

All is good on Flying Ferkins, we’ve been making good ground putting in the hours rowing, we’re burning the miles rowing to the 500 mark as quick as we can and ready to push from there.¬† The food consumption is around 6000 calories a day and the rations are looking good¬† and we’ve had some good sleep.¬† The weather is looking good for the week and our spirits are high.

We heard a whale last night blowing through his blow hole couldn’t see him though but he was very close,¬† quite eerie it was very calm last night light and variable conditions - so that was quite exciting.¬† At first we couldn’t work out where he was coming from.

Chorlty I blundered Alan Partridge is not on the iPod - I will make up for it by watching him when I get back!!¬† Is it really Cowes week soon……………….!

Thank you everyone for all your support it’s really keeping us going especially when the conditions have been awful.¬† Not a lot else to report so I will give you my list of things to bring - Mum Angel cake please, family size of course, in your hand at the finishing line!!

Andrew out

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