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Archive for August 11th, 2009

Great to be back on UK soil - ‘no really it is actually a good thing’

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Just getting things sorted this end and trying to sort through emails etc.

The thing¬†I keep being asked is ‘How does it feel to have rowed an Ocean??’. All¬†I can say at the moment is that it hasnt really sunk in yet but I am so glad that both Andrew and I have come out of the experience as good friends. That is something that¬†I was always concerned about due to¬†the¬†fact that on so many¬†Ocean rows pairs¬†never speak again.

Loving the great weather and beautiful ‘lush’ English countryside. It is so green here and it is so nice to have email and phone access finally. I will hopefully be a little easier to get in contact with now!!

Anyway, dont feel that you cant keep blogging now its all over, let the addiction continue..

Guy out