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Just landed in Sydney

We had a good flight out to Aus courtesy of our good friend Andy at Virgin via Hong Kong and arrived in good time. Jules & Simon picked us up at the airport who we are staying with in Mosman for a couple of days before heading on to Perth. Now off to get some breakfast and see the sights so will be back soon!


5 Responses to “Just landed in Sydney”

  1. JohnC Says:

    Hope you enjoy Sydney and get to have fish and chips on the beach!

  2. Claire Says:

    Hot off the press it’s 27 degrees in Sydney and still only breakfast time!! Do you know what a flat white is yet……………..! Have a wonderful time in Sydney it’s definitely a place to get used to water.

  3. Guy Says:

    Glad you both arrived safetly on Australian soil - Nigel

  4. Nigel Says:

    Safe journey to Perth lets hope the boat has arrived?

  5. destitute Says:


    Team MSS - Andrew Delaney & Guy Watts Indian Ocean Rowing Race Blog 2009 » Blog Archive » Just landed in Sydney…

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