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Well the holiday is over and it’s back to some serious work, we had the boat ‘Scrutineered’ today and in actual fact¬†it wasn’t to bad! It took just over four hours as we went through a thorough checklist of all equipment and the boat specs so that we¬† comply with Woodvale’s strict race rules. These are mainly for our own safety and to make sure that we are prepared for a self sufficient crossing of the Ocean.

We have been to the local chandlers to get the final bits and pieces that we needed and also had to call upon the local steel makers to rig us up some support plates for a couple of the boats fixings. However, there is no real major work to do and we reckon by the weekend we should be race ready. From then on it will just be minor tinkering and getting the boat in the water.

We’ll put some pictures up of the boat in the next couple of days and keep you updated. Still on the search for Haribo… Andrew

9427 Responses to “Scrutineering”

  1. Jen Says:

    There’s some on the fridge if you want them Del!!

  2. Vic Collinson Says:

    Glad it’s all going well. Loving the high-priority Haribo searching as well!

  3. Nigel Says:

    Good news about the boat -don’t worry we have packed the oars!

  4. Claire Says:

    Looks like it could be Mothers to the rescue with the Haribo then - hope you’ve packed your toothbrushes!!!!!

  5. Claire Says:

    Your package has arrived!!

  6. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Row Row Row your boat ~
    Full of Haribo

    Merrily Merrily what a treat ~
    Tooth brushes n Jelly sweets

  7. Goldie Says:

    Well done, glad it’s ship shape xxx

  8. Guy Says:

    Apologies now for my Mums poems - this one is legendary!!

    I love the Haribo so bring all you can!!!

    keep up the great blogging

  9. Gail Drew Says:

    Guysy, you asked us to forward the spreadsheet for the sweepstake. Can you send it to us so we can distribute it as requested

    If I have misinterpreted let me know

    Gail and Blondy

  10. Helen Says:

    Good luck guys. sarah was so pleased to have you provide her with an escort. ( I am Sarah’s Mum, by the way) I shall be following your progress and relaying info to her as she continues on her “row”,


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