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The blog?

Fellow bloggers, if you want to find out more about the ‘flying start’ then¬†check out the official Woodvale¬†Indian Ocean race website: www.indianoceanrowingrace09.com/news/¬†

What happens next ?
For those that are wondering……(apart from lots of rowing!)

If you want to follow all race teams progress then follow this link:  www.indianoceanrowingrace09.com/progress/

If you just want to follow Flying Ferkins progress then stick with the boys homepage map.

How is it going to work ?
From now on a few dedicated bloggers will be keeping this site posted¬†with Guy & Andrew’s progress. Comments really welcome,¬†everything so far has been inspirational and¬†has meant the world to the boys.

We will be keeping a watchful eye on the comments section.

We’ve heard that BBC Radio 1 covered the race in the¬†news this morning ? Yeehaaa - keep the publicity flowing !

¬†Wishing the boys a safe first night on board….

Tom out

6646 Responses to “The blog?”

  1. Pascoe Says:

    Well done Tom. Cant believe they were on Radio 1 news, will have to try and find that. Blogging will now become an integral part of all our lives, we will become pros.

  2. marcellindsay Says:

    Hi, guys. This is Marcel, Gerard’s friend from Mauritius. Just wishing you all the best and be sure that we shall look after you this end. You don’t come to Paradise every day!
    Ask your parents to get in touch with me. marcellindsay@yahoo.fr
    C U soon.

  3. Cuthbert Says:

    Bet you are pleased it is finally underway. 37 miles and counting as I write this. The trick is to keep rowing! Have fun and GOOD LUCK. Cuthbert.T.Camel aka Rob & Pam

  4. andrea newall Says:

    Just want to wish you both the best of luck - can’t stop thinking about you even woke up in the night wondering how you were doing. Andy and Clive

  5. Neil Says:

    Can’t believe that race clock is finally ticking! All the hard work is over, just the simple case of rowing across and ocean now!

    Bon Voyage guys- looking forward to the reunion with 2 world record holders!

    Sarah- would be interested in listening to the radio 1 clip if you get hold of it!


    P.S. I’m ready for some serious blogging action….

  6. ricki grigor Says:

    This is just sooo exciting! Sitting in the office here in Merseyside, we are all rooting for you, good luck you two!!

    it will become part of my day, to check on how you are and report it back to everyone here, we are all just so impressed with what you have achieved so far!

    Take care

    Ricki - Merseyside Ship Stores Ltd

  7. John Says:

    It is difficult to describe the excitement, support and endless goodwill you are generating this end. If one small bit of it gets to you two you will be truly flying that ferkin!
    Good luck!

  8. Goldie Says:

    Good message Tom. It’s good to see where Guy and Andrew are. It’s pretty exciting watching the race progress from my desk

    Race on gents! We know you can do it!!

    Meanwhile I’d better do some work….


  9. Amy Says:

    How exciting - you have started this incredible adventure. I think you both are just amazing and I am with you in spirit all the way to Mauritius. I’m ready to organise that homecoming party for you with a world record in hand!!!

    With love and endless support

    Amy - Dragonfly Events

  10. andrea newall Says:

    Bit bizarre wishing you a happy birthday Guy but it will be one that you will never forget! thinking of you loads of love Clive and Andy xx

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