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Day 2 - Shaken but not stirred

A BIG happy birthday to Guy. He has even managed to open his cards!  I’m sure you will all join me when I toast him tonight. A fairly unique place to turn 25 that’s for sure, one birthday he will never forget!  It’s been a tough today holding position and sitting out the weather. Conditions are quite hostile. The boys will be spilling their rum as they ride it out for a while, until they can pick out a chance to make their desired course again.  Please keep the comments coming…

Tom out

2135 Responses to “Day 2 - Shaken but not stirred”

  1. Lina Says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you. Guy. Wishing you all the very very best and hope you have a terrific day, and that Andy will celebrate with you, hope you kept a piece of cake for your Birthday!

    Great to see your tracker and your progress, Go Go Go!!!!!!

  2. AngieandMartin Says:

    Fantastic start Guy and Andy. When times get tough keep focussed on Mauritius, and remember just how far you have already come and how much you have already learned! Happy birthday Guy - one you will always remember.

  3. russ Says:

    Happy Birthday mate, what a way to spend your 25th! Hope you can cut loose the sea anchor soon and crack on, before long you’ll be counting off those 100 miles.

  4. wendyking Says:

    Happy Birthday Guy!!! Hope all is well and you are both keeping your spirits up. I hope the wind has improved for you so you can up the anchor and be on your merry way!!! take care and stay safe as always. xxxxx

  5. Helen Says:

    Happy Birthday Guy! sarah on sea anchor too today. Having lumpy bumpy seas. She’s good though BUT looking forward to a massage when she gets to Mauritius!Hope the spell of being on the anchor lets you get some rest before you trek onwards again!!
    Good Luck.

  6. Cuthbert Says:

    Lazing around watching films - thought this was meant to be hard work! Hope the wind and seas die down soon.

  7. John Says:

    Happy birthday Guy! Hope you party on re hydrated meals and energy drinks! Or has the sweetie store been raided! I am watching the weather forecast and wishing you both favourable winds and sea.
    It seems a good time to remind people that although A & G want people to sponsor Orchid, they are still needing to fund raise to cover the cost of this venture. It would be nice to watch the sponsorship total for them start rising as they battle the weather! All we have to do is click on the home page of there website. Or click here:


    Something else to keep an eye on each time we log in!

  8. sedgly Says:

    Happy Birthday Guy, if the sea is rough to blow out your candles then close your eyes and remember previous birthdays… I will give you one number …. the number 3 …. yeee haaaa.
    Creature & Sarah

  9. Moses Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Is that 25 pieces of Haribo?

    Great to hear your taking it easy on your Birthday, seriously though hope it’s not too rough and you can get moving soon. At least you may actually sit through a whole movie!


  10. Goldie Says:

    Happy Birthday Guy! Have a great one - I am partying at my desk. Woop woop. (I have just remembered there’s a photo of me that I have been told was from taken at your christening - we’ve been mates for a while)

    PS Saw Helen T from HW last night, she was rather impressed when I told her where you are!

  11. edsimpson Says:

    Happy Birthday Guy!! Fingers crossed this weather system moves off very soon and you can let rip.

    Has Del sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to you in a Marilyn Monroe style yet?


  12. Georgie Hawes Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Logging in every day to check your progress and I’m with you boys. Happy Birthday Guy, big hugs waiting for the both of you.

    I was thinking a great belated birthday pressie would be to step out of a cake but that would have to be one ‘hell of a’ Sponge Cake. hahahahaha.

    You’re on our minds every day, don’t forget that boat of yours is carrying all our support.

    Take care, blog soon. Gx

  13. gypmoss Says:

    Guy / Andrew, great start guys but c’mon, feet up now watching your ipod, dont remember that as vital equipmnent ! what a life hey !!!! Hope all is well with the boat and equipment, all routing for you each and every minute up at MSS, logging in day and night to see your progress. Hope those damned weather systems and currents change soon to push you on towards your goal. Happy Birthday to you Guy,

  14. Dione - Petit Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Guy!!! Now this is one birthday you’ll always remember - unlike all those hungover ones!!!

    Hope you can chillax a bit and enjoy your birthday - just know that everyone is thinking about you both and willing you on!!

    Love is all around you - so let your feelings show (but not too much or you’ll scare the sharks!!)

    Petit xx

  15. Big Phil Says:

    Alright Watsy. Thought this thing you were doing was supposed to be extreme. Sounds like you are just sunbathing out at sea whilst watching DVD’s? I want you across that ocean double time.

  16. The Kilv Says:

    Dearest Guy,

    Hows it going you pirate?? Thought I would drop you a birthday message and wish you all the best for the remainder of your journey. I can see you are doing a lot of chilling out, maxing and relaxing, learning off the master!

    Anyways i will be drinking my favourite tipple of mount gay rum in honour of your birthday.

    Keep it real
    much love
    the one and only kilv

  17. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    At last I get to say Happy Birthday to you ~

    Never thought 25 years later you would be sat in the Indian Ocean on your way to Mauritius.
    Hope you and Andy are able to make further progress soon!

    All my love tubs xxx

  18. Gail Drew Says:

    Guysy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Any excuse to get out of buying the cakes at work again!!! Still, what a way to spend a birthday - a life on the ocean wave xx

    Tine, I know how you feel, where have all those years gone!

    LOL Gail xx

  19. trumpet Says:

    Happy Birthday Terrence!

    Imagine what you’ll be doing in another 25 years! Get rested and have a good go when you get the chance again.

    Love Trumpet, Panda and Aligator (xxx-especially for you!)

  20. KatKnight Says:

    Happy Birthday Guy! Sure is a birthday to remember. Best of luck to you both and see you ina few months.

    Love Kat xxx

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