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Day 4 - Big waves, massive swells

Message from Andy & Guy: Power anchor down for 30-35 hours. Scarey out here, big waves, massive swells, high winds as well. Swells in many sense of the words! Suffering sores. Both walking around the boat completely naked! Guy has 3 major sores on his ar*e and Andy has got a rash on his….apart from that doing well. Series of highs, we’ve heard that other crews are dropping out. Stuck in the cabin being smashed around together, hot, sweaty and pretty revolting!

Guy & Andy x

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56 Responses to “Day 4 - Big waves, massive swells”

  1. trumpet Says:

    Sounds like a ’swell party’ out there (waaaa haaaaa). I’ve heard that Tom has a major rash on his major arse as well.

    Standing by!

    Trumpet xx (one for each cheek)

  2. greg Says:


    Nice to read you’re both OK if not a little shaken up by the swell. Andy, you have my deepest sympathies having to spend hours in a small cabin with guy’s sore backside in your face. When the weather passes, rowing should seem quite pleasant I’d have thought!

    Thinking of you both and keep your peckers up (pardon the expression).


  3. Moses Says:

    At least this is a text only blog!!

    To quote a certain Sir Fiennes, “Them that stick it out, is them that win”

    Looks like your taking him literally boys?!

    Keep it up!!


  4. Dione - Petit Says:

    Thought i’d join the banter with the lads - i’m sure the sores are making everything ’swell’ rather nicely!!!

    I’m guessing the thought of spending anymore time ‘bashing around’ together will ensure a speedy ocean crossing once you can get going again!!

    Thinking of you - but like Moses i’m glad this is text only ;)

    Keep flying ferkins,
    Petit xx

  5. Geoff Says:

    Sarah Outen requested I relay this message to you guys. She did 48 miles last 24hrs. Dif weather.


  6. Nigel Says:

    Well done so far sorry about the problems in the lower regions!

    At least we can now stop blowing hard from the beach.

    Let’s hope the weather conditions improve and you can make better progress across the Ocean.

    We are with you all the way.



  7. Jen Says:

    Ah guys, knew I should have leant you my Desperate Housewives DVDs, that would keep at least Andrew amused!
    Although the end may not be in sight physically, it is mentally. You’ll be on your way soon, just keep hanging in there and try not kill ech other ;-)

    All rooting for you here in London…haribo is still on our fridage.

    Jen in Putney, over and out x

  8. Lina Says:

    Sweaty and Cosy?………well guys take care of each other sores, hope the weather is good to you and you can be on the road again, or should I say on the ocean again. If you row like I saw you take off on the starting line, you will catch up in no time…… come on guys we are all behind you!!!!!!and thinking of you…….Lina and Gerard

  9. AngieandMartin Says:

    Aldous Huxley “Your true traveller finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty - his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure.” Feel the pleasure through the pain guys!. You are hanging in there fantastically (or hanging out looking at your last message!)- we are all willing calm waters to return and those oars to fly.

  10. Vic Collinson Says:

    Great to hear from you boys - even if it is to hear about sores on your bums! Hope the weather calms down a bit!


  11. Helen Says:

    Sorry to hear about the sore BITS!!!!../but hey there guys, you are doing really well!
    They say beans are good for wind, so if you eat plenty you could maybe increase speed to jet on ahead!!
    Keep strong, stay safe and get those bits in the fresh air. (I’m sure the fish, birds etc won’t mind…as for the two of you…you’ll just have to put up with the views!!
    Take care,

  12. russ Says:

    Chaps, have you finished with your DVD-watching session yet? Wouldn’t a cruise have been a bit cheaper, less work and sores-free?!

    Get moving that boat!


  13. Goldie Says:

    I’ve tried to order some better weather for you

    You are doing really well. You have the patience, friendship and strength to beat any circumstances

    All my love

  14. Gail Drew Says:

    Hi guys - We were so sorry to hear that ‘Lolita’ turned out to be used goods. Hope the sores soon clear up guys and you are on your way again

    Get your bloody fingers out it isnt a holiday!!

    LOL Denise, Sara and Gail xxx

  15. andrea newall Says:

    Hi Boys - I have never followed anything with such interest, every morning and evening we are checking how you are getting on. I have been telling all my friends about you both so I think you have a growing fan club of menopausal women! Thinking of you - love Andy and Clive

  16. maryp Says:

    Deep breath I’m blogging!! Hope the combiderm is holding up. Well done boys, hopefully worst bit over. The feeder says found a fantastic receipe for cakes made with custard - will put some in freezer. The legend (S. Perkins) flying over you mon am, will keep watch for you. Think of you every min. Take care LOL. Mary, John and Simon

  17. John Leiper Says:

    Walking around the boat but naked an optional extra I assume :-). Sounds intense. Hope your enjoying the leaving party videos and messages.
    Do an Obama and keep up the good work!!!! John

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