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Day 5 - Message from the big Bear !

Good news, the boys are rowing hard! Making strong progress.  They are now moving into deeper water which should make for a nicer swell! Wind is good for now although will be picking up towards the end of next week. Sores healing.  Boys in regular touch with the support crew. A big thank you to them!!!Bear Grylls (www.beargrylls.com) has kindly sent a text message wishing them luck.  He’s over in Vietnam at the moment so this was extra special! This message has been passed onto the boys.

Tom out

25 Responses to “Day 5 - Message from the big Bear !”

  1. chrissyg Says:

    Thanks for all your updates Tom, so glad they’ve got going again, go for it now boys and set your sights on Old Mutual Endurance, that wily sea dog!! Can’t believe Bear Grylls sent a message, that’s awesome! Love to all, Chris and Ali xxx

  2. Katie Says:

    Hey guys
    Glad to hear you have been able to get rowing again.
    Hope the sores heal up….no mention of vaseline!!!

  3. Lina Says:

    Hooray! back on track!!! that’s the way. Come on boys Row Row Row!!!! Guy your mum sent me an email yesterday, she said she flew over the islands how awesome, I bet she stretched her eyes to see if she could find a little spec of white on that vast ocean. I have some great photos of her and Claire which I will foward to them. Will cross my fingers and toes so that the weather stays good to you.

  4. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    You got it in one Lina ~

    It was a two seater, we got into it over the wing, and my eyes never left the ocean as we flew towards the Abrolhos Islands, so vast, the blue goes on forever ~ and those rowers out there are amazing to be able to cope with everything that is being thrown at them!!!

    I am so proud of all of them especially Guy and Andy because it’s a bigger feat than anyone can imagine ~ scarey stuff out there!

    Please keep the messages coming in ~ they do deserve everything for them both to pull those oars.

    Lina ~ on my way home now, will email as soon as poss’ love to you and Gerard…. can’t wait for that party in Mauritius, not long now. And we will party!!!
    love to everyone out there and to MOOR (mum’s of ocean rowers)


    Calm seas and winds in the right direction love to all

  5. JeremyChristey Says:

    cummon girls - how difficult can it be…

  6. Cuthbert Says:

    Great News - you’re off and rowing again. Hope the waves, wind and weather stay good for you and that the posteriors are holding up.


  7. John Says:

    Yes great news, you can probably hear the sudden out flow of air from everyone holding their breath at this end for the last few days. Enjoy that row….hope the weather pushes you on your way!

  8. gypmoss Says:

    One good thing, you may be sore, wet and rather billius, but at least you aint got a bad Captain on board…i quote from blackadder…

    Redbeard Rum– aah-ahhh! [strokes his hand] You have a woman’s hand, milord! I’ll wager these dainty pinkies never weighed anchor in a storm.
    Blackadder– Well, you’re right there.
    RR– Ha ha ha. -Aah! Your skin milord. I’ll wager it ne’er felt the lash of a cat ‘o’ nine tails, been rubbed with salt, and then flayed off by a pirate chief to make fine stockings for his best cabin boy.
    B– How canny, I don’t know how you do it, but you’re right again….

    Keep rowing hard lads, catching the other fast, and going in the right direction which always helps !
    Mike (MSS)

  9. gillian m watts Says:

    Ouch!! can see the blisters from here! (your every move is being monitored on google sea by the way) We may not be able to see your every move but we’re all thinking of you. Caroline will be looking out at the Indian Ocean next Saturday on the way to New Delhi so look out for an Air India airplane going overhead….we’re sure you’ll have plenty of time to look up at all of the planes going overhead! So give her a big wave (one less to ride!!)

    You’re always in our thoughts

    love from us all

    Gill, Peter and Caroline

  10. Gail Drew Says:

    Ahoy there Guy and Andrew. The first thing we all did on this wet Monday morning here at Bard Europe was check to see how you two had done over the weekend. Great sighs of relief - amazing progress, you are well and truly on your way! Keep up the night work, love from Lolita xx

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