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Day 7 - One week on the Indian Ocean

A very good day on the oars ! Night rowing paying off. Hard work but has it’s dividends. Water deeper now at 1,500M. Plan is to continue on the same course. Boys finding the cabin environment a little uncomfortable. Not designed for two tall blokes!

Keep those comments coming.

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Tom out

14 Responses to “Day 7 - One week on the Indian Ocean”

  1. russ Says:

    Rock on boys! Great run the last 24-36 hrs, catching up fast and posting some incredible times. Legends both of you.

    Russ & Jess x

  2. greg Says:

    Andy / Guy,

    I’ve been following your course on the Woodvale website with interest. Other than the dog leg thing on days 3/4 (you will blame the storm, but I think you were on the beer!) you seem to be doing well. The last couple of days have been right on the money - keep it there. Thinking of you.


  3. Chris Towner Says:

    Sounds like the worst bit is over and now it’s just long hard work, tough but entirely achievable from a couple of winners! Take no prisoners!

  4. Cuthbert Says:

    One week at sea - that’s quite an achievement. Keep it up guys.

  5. Pascoe Says:

    woohoo one week down!!!!!! I can only imagine the delightful state of that cabin with those two living in it!!! Glad they have got going again though, ever closer to the finish.

  6. Katie Says:

    Nice one guys
    Been checking out your progress & you are doing fab
    You have done loads since I last checked & even your speed has picked up. Team ‘doing time’ is not far from your sights!
    Enjoy getting snuggly in that small cabin!

  7. jellers Says:

    following your progress daily Guy and Andrew….keep up the great effort, you are doing really well……The Jelleys

  8. Dione - Petit Says:

    ROW ROW ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re making fantastic progress lads - amazing effort so keep going, we’re all so impressed with what you’ve done so far and are willing you on with every stroke.

    Petit x

  9. Sara Cooper Says:

    well done guys! keep up the good work!

  10. Gail Drew Says:

    Ahoy there Guy and Andrew. The first thing we all did on this wet Monday morning here at Bard Europe was check to see how you two had done over the weekend. Great sighs of relief - amazing progress, you are well and truly on your way! Keep up the night work, love from Lolita xx

  11. Goldie Says:

    Top work!! You really are flying along

  12. Vic Collinson Says:

    I hope this last week has gone quickly for you. We’re all really impressed by the progress so far - keep up the pace!


  13. jamesgubb Says:

    Yes boys. You kick some ass. But why’ve you let the boat with a 21 yr old get in front of you?!! Haha.

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