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Day 9 - Deeper water

Been a difficult day but a good day on the oars. However, mood is upbeat onboard. The weather and swell continue to hamper performance. Mother nature taking it’s toll. Aim is to push away from the shallow water. Present depth 2000-3000M. Decision to move in a NW direction. Expecting a tough couple of days ahead. Weather however looking to improve towards the weekend. More shark spotting going on, although not worrying the boys. Boys working closely with the support team. I’m sure you will all join me in thanking them. Please keep your comments coming. Means the world to the boys in these times.

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Tom out

15 Responses to “Day 9 - Deeper water”

  1. Big Boy Andy from Dorking Says:

    Swell, 3,000M and sharks - thats nothing compared to that time when Guy shared a wooden cabin with the mountain bike boys in south wales!!

    Best of luck for the days ahead boyo’s & keep it up support team!

    A x

  2. Lina Says:

    Tom, thanks for the explanation…. sent some photos to Xtina and Claire, hope you can put them on the web…..Come on Kidos, ( Guy and Andy) get to that deeper spot and away from the Sharks!!!!! they might be the friendly ones…..you are doing Great!!!!

  3. trumpet Says:

    Well done fellas, making nice progress!

    As Tom has become the founding member of ‘Cockney Reds of Cranleigh’ I thought I’d keep you posted on the Champions League (stop reading now if you dont want to know!):

    Last night Chelsea got a boring 0-0 draw away in Barcelona. Tonight, United face a French XI of London (Arsenal) at Old Trafford in the other semi. Should be a belter. I’ll keep you updated as I thought this would be a top priority for you both!

    Do you remember G-Unit, when we went to Old T a few years back….good day that was. “Pint of Budweiser please mate.”

    Back tomorrow,


  4. Dione - Petit Says:

    Great to see such amazing progress lads - keep pushing it, we’re all behind you and wishing you calm waters and a strong Mauritius bound-winds!!!!

    And as for you Trumfetta - less of the French X1 chat, we’re The Arsenal to you Scum Utd ;)

    Go go go boys!!!!

    Petit xxx

  5. JoRossi Says:

    I can’t believe how far you’ve come already! Row boys row! So very proud of you. Don’t worry about the sharks, I’m sure you’ll scare them off with your naked bodies!! Bring on Mauritius!
    Love Lil’ Jo xxx

  6. Clemency Says:

    Well done lads!!! You are totally inspirational: keep it going. Bobbing about on the pontoons at Southampton Boat Show seems oh so long ago and a lot further away! Amazing work: ROW ROW ROW! xx

  7. KatKnight Says:

    Well done boys, looks and sounds like you’re making great progress! Glad to hear things are picking up too! Schnellers tells me you have got some fishing rods with you, can’t you catch a shark and get some shark power to clock up some more miles. Keep smiling and don’t forget how pround and inspired we all are! Kat xxx

  8. gypmoss Says:

    Just seen from update some progress has been made today/yesterday, great going, stay focussed and keep it strong, hopefully luck is chaging somewhat….anyway your probably in a better position in the middle of the ocean as here in the UK, the country is in a worse state than when you left it, and to top everything we are all gonna shortly be comming down with swine flu, so no point comming back yet, you might as well keep rowing !!!!!

  9. Helen Says:

    Hi guys, you sound as though you are doing well. Keep up the good work…and the rowing too. Sarah has passed the 1000nm mark…to celebrate she had a whole packet of biscuits…just for more energy you understand!
    She doing fine, but would like a bit more sun to recharge batteries…having to restrict use of power until they are fully charged again.
    Hope all ok with you.
    Helen (Sarah’s Mum)

  10. Goldie Says:

    Hi crew

    Sorry… I haven’t been online for a couple of days because I nearly knocked myself out on a piece of furniture but am fine now and have rushed online to see how you are doing. Very impressed by how far you have travelled!

    I’m singing “Keep on Running” …only it’s now Keep on Rowing


  11. mwatts Says:

    Hi guys,

    First log in for me. Glad you’re making good progress….I’m sure its horrendously hard but how often does anyone get to sit in a small boat in the middle of the ocean, rowing like mad, while being reminded of their childhood experiences…sounds brilliant to me…in all seriousness, fantastic you’ve broken out of the shallow water…pace yourselves. I’ll be back soon and in the meantime be brave and try to enjoy it!

    Mark (Guy’s annoying elder cousin)

  12. Helen Says:

    Just looked at the general blog and news of all the teams….position doesn’t matter guys!!! just keep plodding on…enjoy the wildlife as you go!
    Helen(Sarah’s Mum)

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