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Day - 10 Current trap continues

Mood still good on board Flying Ferkins.  Andrew & Guy are working really hard to be released from this entrapping current. Heavy weather again for a couple of days will lead onto a lighter weekend.  Approaching the 200nm mark!

Your comments continue to give them so much support.

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Tom out

24 Responses to “Day - 10 Current trap continues”

  1. stuart_g_baty@hotmail.com Says:

    200 nautical miles, one for every exotic DVD you have seen. keep the mind focused lads….you’ll get there x

  2. trumpet Says:

    As promised fellas…..Champions League Update:

    Scoreline from Old Trafford (1st leg) - Man United 1-0 Arsenal

    Although the scoreline doesn’t fairly reflect the absolute battering Arsenal got for 90 minutes! Ronaldo hit the bar from 35 yards and the keeper got in the way of one from close range. No away goals though. 2nd leg next Tuesday. Dione ’s quiet isn’t she?!

    Looks like you’ve just had a great day ‘on the oars’, motoring along on a direct course. 200 nautical miles, one for every chance United had last night (waaa haaaa). C’mon Ferkins! (Nutkins)

  3. andrea newall Says:

    Great progress boys to have broken 200 nautical miles that Ferkin is really starting to fly. Thinking of you - Clive and Andy

  4. Pascoe Says:

    Cant believe how well boys getting on. so so exciting. Also to all those that know andrew, dont panic I am keeping him up-to-date with all footy scores, particularly Man United, so he is not too detached from it all!!!!!!!

  5. Pascoe Says:

    Also meant to say the support everyone is giving them is amazing and I know the boys appreciate every inch of it and it is giving them energy to push forward. check out them in second place (within the pairs)

  6. Lina Says:

    Hi Guy and Andrew…just checked your tracker, and was very excited to see how well you are doing…..and getting to the deeper part now….keep it up go go go…..

    This is for Claire and Xtina, Marcel ( in Mauritus) waiting for you to get in touch with him, I did give you his email address, if you have lost it just drop me a line and I will forward it to you…..

  7. Dione - Petit Says:

    Wahoooo past the 200nm mark - BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!

    There’s obviously some fantastic stroking going on out there so keep it up boys!!!

    And as for you Trumf, clearly the 1-0 result DOES accurately reflect the match last night, as that was the actual result. You couldn’t score any more against us - end of!! I’ve always got plenty to say, you know that!!

    Keep working as hard as you are - we’re willing you on!!

    Pet x

  8. Cuthbert Says:

    Congrats on the 200nm mark - getting closer every day. How’s the shark sighting going?

  9. Nigel Says:

    Well done Guy and Andy further hard work is really paying off from reading today’s statistics. Keep rowing to shift through some more blue!

  10. Katie Says:

    You guys are doing amazingly.
    Looked at your progress yesterday & you had caught up with ‘doing time’ - in fact it looked like you could have been chatting to each other across the ocean. And today you are nicely in front of them! Nicely done

  11. David Harding Says:

    Everyone at the Boars Head wishes you well, and are sorry about the inevitable sailors’ nudity and sore arses! Good work boys, keeping rowing.

  12. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Hey ~ who’d have thought
    of inventing a sport

    Where you can’t see where you’re going?

    To row an ocean
    with backwards motion
    would leave you wondering

    Who’d ever invented this sport!!

  13. Jen Says:

    Second place in the pairs - row row row that boat boys, you’re doing fantastically and we all cheering you on!!

  14. Claire Says:

    About to leave the shores of Western Australia - as we head for Kuala Lumpar it will be strange to know Andrew and Guy are somewhere below us………..

  15. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Blow a KISS down there for me too Claire and safe journey home to both of you!!!

    Guy and Andy are flying today too.
    Fantastic progress boys ~ you are looking sooooooo good!!!


  16. Goldie Says:

    Good work, I’ve never known anyone go so far by travelling backwards

  17. Goldie Says:

    What’s next….space travel?

  18. russ Says:

    Awesome progress lads - Southern Cross are in your sights! PULL !

  19. Emma Robbo Says:

    CHICOS you are doing ace, GO TEAM GO, GO TEAM GO! Quite excited about the possible shark sighting, hope there was no suggestion of jumping in with it ;o)

    Take care xxx

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