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Day - 11 And then there were two….. pairs!

Sadly for them -boat -¬†1 Doing Time have had to retire from the race today due to some technical difficulties, the boys are pleased they¬†are safe and sound.So this leaves Southern Cross and Flying Ferkins ‘pulling it out’ for the pairs world record….Flying Ferkins have got them in their sights! Both¬†James Thysse & James Facer-Childs¬†became firm friends with Andrew & Guy prior to race day so competition aside we just hope they all stay safe.

Mood on board Ferkins remains excellent. Boat really moving in the right direction. Weather is rough presently but still looking good for the weekend. Boys in 5000m of water!

Flying Ferkins pre race (ready for the off!):

Flying Ferkins Moored

Boys living conditions:


Great to see the comments approaching 20 yesterday!¬†¬†The support is fantastic¬† - ‘thank you’ everyone.

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Tom out

20 Responses to “Day - 11 And then there were two….. pairs!”

  1. Pascoe Says:

    Wow tom fab blog. The competition is really on now there are only two. I do really feel for the ‘doing time’ team, as if they and their friends and family have been through all the mixture of emotions and dedication that us and the boys have experienced having to make the decision to retire must have been a real struggle. Glad they are safe though.

    Now with the boys having such a fab support crew and immense following lets hope this gives them the push to succeed. I can only imagine that that lovely white cabin not longer appears so angelic!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chrisandsamthew Says:

    one word sums these two best mates up………………………………WINNERS! They will be. Well done so far lads. Thewy

  3. sedgly Says:

    Right so we are at day 11… enough with all this schmaltzy bullsh*t. Second place is the first loser - so pull your fingers out and get rowing….

    Hugs and kisses

    Chris & Sarah
    (The kisses are from Chris not Sarah)

  4. JeremyChristey Says:

    ok girls, I’m with sedgly - now the game is on - sorry for the DT guys, but only two left now

    let’s make some moves - dig in

    EVERYONE is behind you here - out of the cabin as in; pull more than you’ve ever pulled before…


  5. sally newall Says:

    Boys, you are doing AMAZINGLY. It’s so exciting following your progress. Hope the sores/swellings are bearing up okay, and even if they aren’t, who cares, Ferkins is flying!

    In other news, I have a question for you. Rob at The Resident wants to know what species of shark you’re spotting?? The people of Horsham want answers…


  6. Craig Says:

    Boys-I’m currently watching Rattle&Hum on DVD,it’s still completely mental. Reminds me more of you two more than anything. ‘it’s a musical journey’ love ya x

  7. Lina Says:

    Hi there, AWESOME progress!!! Get those arms muscles working, you are catching up….. How exciting….We cannot get away from the computer. Pressure is on. Row Row Row the boat, but not gently!!!!!!!!

  8. AngieandMartin Says:

    Tom thanks for the great updates. Fly fly fly Ferkins! Fantastic last few days - doldrums left well behind and sharks stunned at how fast you can get away from them!

  9. Cuthbert Says:

    Feel sorry for the DT guys, but we’re not going there! Onwards and upwards - keep it up guys.

  10. John Says:

    Yes it must be the toughest thing in the world to have to retire after all that preparation and effort to get there! Just read the report on Old Mutual….makes you realise what the boys are dealing with. They are doing such a great job…..and they must know they can realise there dream. All they need is a little good fortune and a load of will power and I know they have the latter!
    Go for it!

  11. Dione - Petit Says:

    A push it - push it good….. Ah push it - p push it real good!!! As Salt n Pepa once said!!

    Come on lads - first place is just waiting for ya, you can do it!!!!!!!

    Pet x

  12. Helen Says:

    That Blxxxx current!!!…what a thing. Hope you get out of its grips soon.
    Special message from Sarah, to say that she is now at 99degrees E. She’s working hard and going well. She also says PLEASE can you let her know your iridium No so she can talk to you.
    As I don’t really want to publish my email address for one and all to see…maybe one of your team could contact me….they would have my email from when I logged on to your site.
    Helen (Sarah’s Mum)

    PS …you’ve got to fly now there are only two pairs left!!!!

  13. edsimpson Says:

    Amazing progress boys. Keep reeling those Southern Cross guys in!

  14. gypmoss Says:

    Superb progress in last 24, you seem to be motoring now, maybe you’ve shed a few pounds of amber necter which was weighing you down at the start !!! Closing down on the Southern Cross boys and maybe Old Mutuals’s outboard engine is running low on fumes !!! Surely he can just be rowing ???? It will be such an amazing feeling when you get the actual in your sight, only surpassed when you pass them and leave them for dust…

  15. Tom W Says:

    Helen - got the message loud and clear. Please tell Sarah. x

    Just keep waking up each day (and through out the night eh Kathryn) thinking about you lads on the ocean. Total admiration.

    Sedgly/Jeremy - nice work.


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