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Day 12 - Message from the boys

We received a message direct from the flying ferkins today. The boys sounded in a positive mood, despite the frustrating weather conditions!! They reported that they always knew the first couple of weeks would always be the hardest, until they found a good routine. They are hopefully following a good course though now and said that the further they get from the Australia coast the easier it should become (fingers crossed).

For those of you following shark watch….news just in the shark following them was a Bronze Whaler Shark. They said it followed their boat for a few hours and seemed very intrigued by them. Although maybe it was just¬†following the smell of two sweaty rowers!!!!!!! Tried to upload picture but website or my incapabilities, wouldnt allow it!! But if anyone knows more about the Bronze Whaler shark be interesting to hear few facts.

Apart from that they felt it was important news to report it has been fairly cloudy today so little stereo action, which for those of you who know Andrew and Guy know that music is how they function! Andrew also wanted to report that the Chocolate puddings were going down very nicely too!!!

Anyway, they hope to update us all again in the next couple of days and as Tom has said all the support has been amazing for the boys and we are reporting this all back to them so keep it coming,

Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

Sarah (Andrew’s girlfriend) out

36 Responses to “Day 12 - Message from the boys”

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  2. SunSeaSharks Says:

    Excellent progress boys! Keep going!!!! Thinking of you sitting in my chair, drinking an ice cold beer and watching t.v!

    Looks like they have been followed by a potential man eater. Better stay in that bath tub guys!

    Get that photo on Tom! A little bit of info from the fountain of all knowledge, Wikipedia….

    Dels brother out.

    The copper shark, bronze whaler, or narrowtooth shark, Carcharhinus brachyurus, is a large shark of the Carcharhinidae family, found in subtropical seas and oceans worldwide, except the eastern coast of North America and the northern Indian Ocean. Their length is up to about 3.5 metres (11 ft) and they can weigh up to 300 kilograms (660 lb).

    The copper shark has a blunt broad snout, narrow bent cusps on the upper teeth, and no interdorsal ridge. They are gray to bronze in colour on the back, and white below. The fins are similarly coloured except the pelvic fins, which have dusky tips, and the pectoral fins, which have dusky to black tips.

    Copper sharks are often seen close inshore feeding on schooling fish, such as salmon, frequently within the surf zone but they are also found around offshore islands near deep water where they prey on squid as well as pelagic and bottom-dwelling fish.

    Reproduction is viviparous and the female will deliver between seven and twenty live pups. Males live for up to thirty years, and females for up to twenty five. It can be dangerous to spearfishers with recently speared fish, and also towards surfers as its prey is often found in the surf. The copper shark is a large and potentially aggressive shark that has attacked people.[1] It is often confused with the dusky shark.

  3. Tom W Says:

    Just hitting a cold beer Matt. ;-)

    Will get onto it and post a picture of that shark.


  4. Pascoe Says:

    Matt don’t tar Tom with the brush of my incompetency!!! It was me who was incapable of loading the photo. Loving the wikipedia info though.

  5. missnicolajames Says:

    Good to hear that all is going so well. Following your progress daily and glad to hear that all is well. Keep at it. xx

  6. Cuthbert Says:

    If you want to know about sharks, ask a diving camel (there aren’t many of us around!). On the whole they are very curious creatures and will follow you just to see what’s going on - but best not to get too close, it’s only a matter of time before the world is threatened by a pandemic of shark ‘flu! All this shark stuff has diverted attention from a really good day’s rowing - well done guys, keep up the good work and when the stereo isn’t working SING OUT LOUD (you can’t annoy the neighbours!).

  7. John Says:

    Yes it has been a really good day for them. Seem to be on a good course and slowly catching Southern Cross. keep it going guys. Hope the sunshines soon so you can blast the music some more!

  8. JeremyChristey Says:

    Spoke to them as usual this am regarding tactics and strategy stuff. Great mood all round, fantastic course and good speed.

    They are looking after the boat and each other well, and VERY HAPPY that they are reeling in Southern Cross at some speed now.

    Absolutely stoked with all the support from here

    Go girls!


  9. Neil Says:

    Great to hear that strong progress is being made. Keep at it!

    What an incredible amount of support there is for the boys too. Still #1 hit on Google..


  10. Katie Says:

    Wow you guys have been munching on the energy bars (or chocolate muffins Delbarina!!). You are doing friggin amazingly. The other pairs must be in your sights now - keep it up.

  11. Goldie Says:

    Amazing message - keep up the good work :)

    you both rock (even without the stereo) !

  12. chrissyg Says:

    Hey chaps

    Just checked progress and looks like you’re approaching 300 miles (you may be past that now in which case hooray!) you must be feeling much better and stronger after those tough few days last week - well done and keep going hard at it, I’m still waiting for you to catch Old Mutual Endurance!! Love from us all Chris, Ali, Jenny, Peter, Nicky, Jonathan and baby Alex xxx

  13. sally newall Says:

    Excellent shark news sarah! I shall inform the press! xx

  14. Pascoe Says:

    You are most welcome sally. dont want the people of horsham missing out. Also just read the two articles and they are fab. thanks for doing that. Loved the title/catchphrase bit about 2 boys in a boat and naked rowing, although of course sounded a million times better then I put it!!

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