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Day 13 - Ship Ahoy!


Hi to all of you Ferkin followers!¬† We are feeling OK today and were cheered up by the sight of another boat on the horizon, especially as it turned out to be a British ship which we spoke to on the VHF radio, warning them of our position.¬† We watched as they went past - quite exciting really.¬† It’s hot today but rowing conditions are good as¬†there¬†is not much¬†wind and we are heading in a good westerly direction.¬† Hopefully you are¬†following our progress¬†on the tracker.We are now both settling into the routine and even getting into the food although neither of us are keen on the freeze-dried sweet and sour lamb,¬†but the spag bol is good.¬† We are starting to see more and more marine life and along with the sharks we even had a flying fish land on the Ferkin yesterday!¬† Thank you for all your support and please¬†post any¬†questions on the blog comments that¬†you would like us to answer and we will do our best to get back to you.Looking forward to having a beer with you all!Guy Out X

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14 Responses to “Day 13 - Ship Ahoy!”

  1. Claire Says:

    Being fortunate to track Andrew and Guy from Australia for the past few weeks it has been mind blowing to know that they are in that ocean which runs up the west coast an amazing coastline and a sea of azure blue……….I imagine that it doesn’t always look that blue!!
    Nicola and I left Geraldton on the 20th rather sad to be going as our visit there had been emotional, fun and b……..dy hard work making sure that Andrew and Guy had Flying Ferkins exactly how they wanted her….we feel we know Geraldton intimately and if you ever need to know where to buy spanners, drill bits and nuts and bolts just ask!
    The morning of their departure was bouyant and exciting if not a bit daunting - waving them off was a privilege and watching them disappear into the horizon a surreal and emotional moment - a moment I will remember forever I’m sure. So scary how all the rowing boats just vanished into the middle distance…!
    I feel for those crews who have had to retire - we watched them prepare in the same way as Andrew and Guy and knowing that they are not going to achieve their dream is very sad………
    As Nicola and I touched down at Heathrow yesterday afternoon guess which airplane we saw - Air Mauritius……..is that an omen or what?
    Weather conditions I am reliably told are favourable for the next few days - south westerly - taking them straight on course for Mauritius……….

  2. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Hi you two

    How about the apricot crumble? That’s the one we had to mix around a bit when we were packing it into the bottom of the boat ~ cause you were both not looking forward to opening it ~ ever!!

    You have been on board Ferkins for almost two weeks, tell us what music you are rowing to and have either of you any favourites??

    Missing you so much………. love love love

  3. trumpet Says:

    Trumpet here, just got in from a night out in Worcester with Tofty (who is absolutely hammered!), I think its nearly 3am and its been a ‘funky’ night! Man Utd won again and look good for their 18th League title now.

    You are doing so well boys, got nothing but love for ya! Trumpet Out! (been wanting to say that for a while!)

  4. Lina Says:

    Hi Andrew and Guy! did not have time yesterday to chat a little with you, but to day when I checked your tracker, Wow! you’re moving ! moving! and surely rowing! rowing! as well. All the gang you met in Dongara at Easter, send you their best wishes, they were all at Jason’s( my son), yesterday, to watch the Footy….. I am glad you had a little excitement on that vast ocean and met with some of their residents!!!!. Well Claire I think it is a good omen you saw “Air Mauritius” when you landed in Heathrow….. Mauritius here they come!!!! Come on boys don’t slack down now, keep those muscles moving!!!!!

  5. suefish Says:

    Two weeks in! Amazing progress - been following you all the way. Yep, Air Mauritius plane most definitely a good omen! Having read all the comments about “hot & sweaty”, my question is (in typical mum fashion) do you just swish a bit of sea water around to wash in or do you just not bother?!
    God bless the mum who gets the first hug when you land!!! Don’t expect she’ll care though.
    So, keep rowing hard, we’re all doing it with you and are in complete awe. oh, and what’s wrong with apricot crumble!

  6. woodws Says:

    Del & Guy- Notice I spelt your name correctly. Watched the wedding video yesterday Saturday morning, it was BRILLIANT! I couldn’t remember if we thanked you so if we didn’t… a big cheers to you.

    Anyway, how are you both? we’ve been catching up on your Blog and speaking to Sarah. We are up at Holme Farm this weekend- Bank Holiday. Taking the little Archie on a long walk to the pub for a couple of shandy’s later.

    Your progress is great and your both the topic of talk, we decided last night that you were dipping your toes in the water teasing the shark! Keep on going chaps everyone is very proud of your achievements….. row row row your boat…. Wayne is shouting time for breakfast!

    Loads of Love Wayne, Sandy, Alexis and Steve xx

  7. gillian m watts Says:

    Hi Guy and Andrew

    We are pleased to see your good progress. Keep listening to the music!

    You’ve probably had info re the Bronze Whaler but just in case - its also called a copper shark or a narrow-tooth. Its up to 3.5 metres and normally close inshore or seen in the surf Zone. The female delivers between 7 and 20 pups!

    What’s the sky like at night? Do you see any shooting stars?

    It was good seeing Tom at the flat this week and to catch up on the news. Caroline left last night from Heathrow for her yoga fortnight in the Himalaya foothills. Its 43C in New Delhi!

    Good luck. You’re in the swing of it now! Love Gillian and Peter

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