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Day 15 Making headway

All pretty good not very much to report all a¬† bit boring but we’ve had calm water today and should have the same for the next few days so we can make good headway.¬† Yesterday a ship flashed up on the AIF called ‘What a Bum” - we called them up to ask them their position -¬† made us think of our bums………….!¬† There are loads of flying fish on the deck each morning…………

We were able to talk to Sarah Outen today she  passed the 1,000 mile  mark on Saturday it was good to chat with her she is happy and confirms the weather coming to us is pretty calm.

We use the shower to mainly rinse off all the salt - don’t think we are smelling too bad!¬† The moon has been full on the last few nights so we haven’t seen much of the stars - no shooting stars so far.¬† The Apricot crumble is so sour - horrid…….!¬† Both feeling pretty up beat and chilled at the moment.¬† Thank you for the questions will do our best to have the right answers.

Andrew out

16 Responses to “Day 15 Making headway”

  1. Claire Says:

    It’s been good to get Andrew’s blog this morning - he sounded fine everything is going well at the moment and it was good to hear the chuckle in his voice over the ship name…………let’s all hope that this calmer weather is here for a while and that they can catch Sarah Outen up - a celebration in order when Flying Ferkins reaches 1,000 mark I think!!

  2. Helen Says:

    At last I have been able to log in again! For some reason, unbeknown to me, the blogsite has refused my log in details and I have had to request new password…severl times . At last I can contact you boys again. Not for anything dramatic, but just to pass on sarah’s best wishes. By the way she mad jelly the other day…I wouldn’t hav ethought that it would set…but it did! She enjoyed it too.
    she’s reporting that she’s well, has a pretty good suntan and is generally enjoying things out there on the Indian!! We talked last evening (it was night time for her) but we were able to “share ” the moon!. So good, makes you feel connected.
    Enough of my wanderings. Hope all is well. Kepp pluggung away at it boys…you CAN do it…and must…Sarah’s depending on you.
    Best wishes,
    Helen (Sarah’s Mum)

  3. Claire Says:

    Andrew and Guy are really excited to know that Sarah has made the 1,000 mark and I know it will spurn them on - jelly how amazing - I’m still trying to imagine strawberry ice cream from a packet! Can’t wait for party hats and balloons and champagne!
    Best wishes
    Claire (Andrew’s mum)

  4. JeremyChristey Says:

    Helen, so nice of you to keep an eye on our game, we all are on yours - good luck!

    I played the boys Sarah’s podcast this am, they were chuffed!


  5. aidanbailey Says:

    Hi Andrew/Guy - just to let you know that I am tracking progress daily and am metaphorically urging you on from the sidelines. In case you have forgotten, I’m the chap thinking about doing the same race in 2011! If you’re not sure what to do with a second hand boat with 3,500 miles on the closk, let me know. Before that, however, I’d be interested to hear all the reasons why I shouldn’t embark on this crazy adventure. I know it isn’t all flat water and following winds but to get a first hand experience would be invaluable. In the meantime, keep it going!!!

  6. Tom W Says:

    Aidan - i will get in touch straight away. Great to have you on the comments. I’m sure the boys will be in touch when they hit land. All the best.

  7. BobnGail Says:

    Hi Boys, ok you’ve had a laugh messing about in your boat, BUT now it is time to GO. You are not far behind the other pairs boat, so forget wind, waves, sore bums, sharks and other minor problems and get that Ferkin Flying!! Best wishes. Bob

  8. Katie Says:

    Del how can it be a bit boring - surely your games of eye spy are keeping you entertained….beggining with the letter S?!
    Just back from the bank holiday & loving catching up on your progress…awesome stuff.

  9. Jen Says:

    Keep your eyes on the road ahead guys and GOOOO!! Sending you lots of luck and hariboooo ;-) x

  10. Nicky Morgan Says:

    Sounds as if you are making good progress and the calm weather sounds promising. I was just going to ask what games you are playing to while away the hours - Eye spy sounds like a good one to start with.
    Keep chilled.
    Nicky, Jonathan & Alex

  11. Gail Drew Says:

    Hi ya

    Keep looking out for shooting stars - I once saw 7 in half an hour on the coast of Australia. Let me know if you see any and especially if you see any UFO’s

    Love and hugs Gail xx

  12. Goldie Says:


    Great to hear from you! Will be thinking of you when I

  13. Goldie Says:

    ……… see the moon


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