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Day 19 Flat calm and we’re flying!

I know it must be really frustrating for you guys back home that you’re not getting a regular reading of our position.¬† No we haven’t decided to be a stealth missile - well not yet anyway!!¬† We have an intermittent connection with the GPS at the moment that hopefully will get sorted in the next 24 hours.¬† We are fine it is really flat calm and we are rowing a lot together and trying out different schedules to see which works best.¬† We are on a south westerly course and we feel we are making great progress.

Andrew out

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5 Responses to “Day 19 Flat calm and we’re flying!”

  1. Claire Says:

    Andrew called me this morning perfect timing as I am away for the weekend - it was lovely to speak to him and he is really upbeat! Let’s hope when they are back on the tracking that they are at the 1000nm mark!! They still have all other contact it’s just the GPS and while it doesn’t affect them directly they understand that it is frustrating for us back here……………!

  2. russ Says:

    Boys, whilst your gps is not functioning properly are you able to tell us your distance covered / miles to go in your next blog? Or even a current gps position so we can work out your pos?


  3. johnp Says:

    Jeremy spoke with them this morning.

    From Jeremy - The installation of their tracker was quite poor and wires were left hanging out. Consequently connections have been exposed and these have got wet in the storms over the last few days.The LEDs are currently not lit, they are attempting to dry it, replace the fuse, and fingers crossed!

  4. russ Says:

    Thanks John! Let’s hope the next couple of days of good weather means they can get it fixed.

    Keep on pulling that ferkin!

  5. Goldie Says:

    No GPS…I’m sure you’re going to sneak up on one of the other boats now that you’re ‘invisible’


    Seriously though…well done and keep rowing

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