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Update from Support Crew

Fellow bloggers, it’s frustrating that their position is not publically known at the moment, but panic ye not, we haven’t deliberately gone into stealth mode, although having thought about it, therein could lie a cunning plan…
The support vessel is meeting with them to pass them a spare tracker, which will remain on for the whole race as per the race instructions.¬† Should this not work, we’ll definately find another way of describing it and feeding it back.
Meanwhile, do be reassured that we talk to them every day, I’m sorry that those who have contact are in¬†a bit of an exclusive club, but we’re trying to keep it nice an easy for them.¬† They are fine, and trucking along more or less pacing Southern Cross.¬† The winds this weekend will abate further and the rowing is what they hoped it would be, fast, comfortable, with some nice waves and some cracking tunes.¬†
As they push themselves for boat speed both their bodies and minds are holding up really well.
The tracker problem will be resolved shortly we hope and meanwhile let’s keep pulling for the boys, metaphorically speaking.

Support Crew out

13 Responses to “Update from Support Crew”

  1. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Thank you to you “Support Crew”

    Now let’s hope the boy’s pull through!

    Addiction to the DOT or BLOB you say

    Come on ~

    Give us clue to how far they rowed today.

    (supporting those who enjoy the DOT watch morning to night)

  2. JeremyChristey Says:

    Just spoke to them, they have rowed just over 35 miles over the last 24 hours.

    They are having a ball, conditions are flat, and they are really enjoying each other’s company, and Guy was in good spirits today [as was andy when I spoke to him yesterday].

    There pushing themselves and getting some epic boat speed, and we’re playing with optimal set ups to see what gives the most miles per day. The weather is lovely although rowing in the evening is tough, as it’s much more humid and unpleasant.

    All good their end, Only casualty is one [of their two] bucket for the buck it and chuck it when Andy lobbed the contents and the bucket over board - their second bucket will be their most prized possession me thinks…

    For those supporters who asked about donating more minutes to their sat phone, lovely idea, they don’t need it at present, but they will keep an eye on it and we’ll update you.

    Blogs; they said that they would try and do a bit more direct from the boat, but no promises, as they are v busy, but if they have not posted anything by midnight their time [about 5pm here] we’ll give you an update from our end.

    As you girls will know, it is a natural antiseptic and they have 5 litres to shower in to reduce follicle and crack and sack skin infections, and with tea tree cream it will solve most minor infections, [apart from the one they picked up from that lovely lady in Geraldton].

    It’s brilliant and Mr Mistry in london [http://www.houseofmistry.com/] is a lovely chap/store who sells it by the litre and will post it to you. It’s a man thing, Just so you know, that’s why we look better as we grow older, we’re all using it…

    They also have two pencils of guy-liner - not entirely sure why they took that


  3. JeremyChristey Says:

    STOP PRESS; They are rowing away from the support vessel at some speed, so the hand over of a new tracker will take a little longer than planned.


  4. AngieandMartin Says:

    Never thought I would turn into a BLOBAHOLIC, but yes, it’s true Guy and Andy you have given hoardes of people BLOB ADDICTION!!! Rest assured and be proud of what you have done, it is contagious but in the most uplifting and exciting way and we will all be totally cured when you get to Mauritius safe and sound. You continue to inspire us all. By the way how big is a flying fish?

  5. Lina Says:

    Hi there guys! tracker or no tracker I still log on the Blog! Blob! or whatever, did not do it yesterday though! but was amazed how well you progressed. Anyway I know that you are doing fantastically! and that you are catching up to the others!!!! Keep it up and will see you soon in Mauritius.

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