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Day 20 Oh for some fresh fruit and veg!

Hello Mr Blog - Guy here calling to give you an update on how we are doing.

The time is 10:15pm and other than the moonlight its very dark.  Andy and I have slipped into the night time 2 hours on 2 hours off process and finding it tough.  Food wise we were both starving but have just eaten.  Andy had Spag Bol and I had lamb which was OK although we are missing fresh food but getting into the puddings.  The conditons tonight are calm and with the full moon and some awesome stars out it is really quite nice at the moment.  Andy and I are trying to do anything to relieve the boredom and some interesting topics come up for discussion!  To answer the question about what I would write about in a book it would have to be people on land and doing this has made us both think about who we want to spend more time with when we get back.  Anyway better go but we are doing well and will get back in touch in the next couple of days.  Cheers guys.

Guy out

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18 Responses to “Day 20 Oh for some fresh fruit and veg!”

  1. JeremyChristey Says:

    sweet Guy - keep updates coming - it’s nice to hear directly from you on the blog

  2. Lina Says:

    Hi Claire and xtina( Andy’s and Guy’s mum) as it is Mother’s day today in Australia, I am sending you both all my best wishes and will send a message to the boys later on.

  3. JeremyChristey Says:

    update - they did 42 miles in the last 24 hours

  4. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Yo…Whoever next speaks to Guy and Del, let them know on their return I will do one of my special fry-ups with a load of beers. I know guy especially loves Thewy’s fry-ups. Anyhows keep pushing lads! Over and Out! Chris & Sam Thew

  5. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Thank you Lina for your Best wishes, hope you enjoyed your special day!! ~ we were wondering if there will be a time change on the boat soon, maybe someone will be able to answer this?

    Amelia is two today, she will be opening Uncle Guy’s birthday present after an early morning call from him! (3.00pm his time)

    Hugz Guy

  6. Cuthbert Says:

    Great progress chaps, really impressive. Interesting to speculate on the polar opposites you are experiencing- the beauty of the night and the solitude compared to the tiredness and the thought of a slightly wider social circle. Just keep focused on the experiences - emotional and physical; and, of course, just keep rowing!

  7. jamesgubb Says:

    Yes boys!! You managed to take up a fair chunk of the conversation last night, before I knocked Russ off a bar stall and he broke one of Ed’s ribs. Yes, there was some drinking of alcohol involved (and yes, people are suffering a tad this morning). At present, I think Russ would prefer an anal blister or two! Keep it going - you’re doing awesome.

    J, Ed, Russ


  8. Helen Says:

    Hi guys!
    Sarah would love some fresh fruit etc too. She’s not enjoying th edehydrated meals, and especially not the puds….too much custard!
    Anyway, she’s fine. have passed on your iridium No so maybe you’ll hear from her soon…I’ve just topped up her minutes on her sat phone AGAIN!! I wish it wasn’t so expensive!.
    She seems fine, enjoying her routine and the stars etc.
    Hope all continues well for you both. Keep at it…just think of a cool beer at the other end.
    Best wishes,

  9. JeremyChristey Says:

    Yo…Whoever next speaks to Guy and Del, let them know on their return I will do one of my special fry-ups

    consider it done

    anyone else wanting requests/thoughts? - I’ll happily convey them to the girls.


  10. stuart_g_baty@hotmail.com Says:

    you boys must have a lovely set of beards by now to compliment your speedos….keep your heads up and look out for land! SB

  11. gillian m watts Says:

    Gillian says
    How good to see such progress. What were you eating on the 18 day to make such progress. Well done its so adictive watching your every move. Further news on the shooting stars the season is about to start so keep watching….
    Well done on the 2hrs on and 2hrs off.Have been doing a little research on this and there is a tribe in Brazil in the Amazon basin jungle they are called the Piraha and they take naps 15mins to 2hrs at the extremes during the day and night.So they live their entire lives doing this.This makes visiting very difficult for outsiders as the noise level is very high ( so not recommended). they think sleeping too soundly in the jungle can be dangerous; they fish by night, row, hunt etc so you are not alone.Great book for other bloggers to pass your journey “Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes”!

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