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Day 24: Answers to Questions

Right I am sitting here in my little coffin watching Guy on his shift. The weather at the moment is less than favourable, but hopefully should be getting better over the weekend. Still no wildlife to be seen and not much else to report. Lots of time on the boat to think and catch up on reading, Bill Bryson at the moment. Good to hear Man United edging ever closer to the title as well, never too far away for football results!!!!

Ok so I have decided to answer some of the burning questions that have been asked by you lot.

Amelia Watts (aged 2): “Did either of you take a cuddley toy?”¬†¬†¬† Yes Amelia, Tina got both of us a monkey to take with us, one was ginger and the other was grey. They are hanging above our heads in the cabin.

Moses: “There must at least be some accidental spooning going on?!”¬†¬†¬†¬† Yes Moses regretfully accidental spooning has occurred, though luckily we had sheets over us so no skin to skin contact and is the result of a rocking (in the sea motion sense)¬†boat!!!!!!

Neil: “Have either of you had to get into the water yet? Toss a coin for it I guess?”¬† Guy is on first barnacle duties on the weekend when the weather should be better and the water calmer. I dont get out of it though and it will be my turn in a month.

Keep those questions coming and thanks for all the support,

Andrew out

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2377 Responses to “Day 24: Answers to Questions”

  1. KatKnight Says:

    Hey Boys,

    Great to hear from you and glad to see you are catching up Southern Cross. Their website is rubbish and certainly no way near as good as this. You guys are repeatedley top of google (even above the main race website) so well done to the blogging and everyone that is submitting comments. You’ll also be pleased to hear that your fame is spreading, everyone Neil and I meet gets to hear of the “2 brave nutters” that are rowing across the Indian Ocean.

    Anyway good work lads, keep it up. You’re doing fantastically well and we’re all very proud of you.

    Looking forward to the next voice mail message.


    P.S Any chnace of getting to see any pictures? Do you look like Tom Hanks in Castaway yet?

  2. sally newall Says:

    I’m thinking of starting a “beard watch” in The Resident. Do you have any way of taking measurements?!

    Also, anymore shark sightings/stalking incidents to report - just to y’know, add some drama?

    Please give us a full de-barnacling debrief too.

    Keep rowing boys xxxx

  3. Pascoe Says:

    Actually forgot to mention in blog that Andrew told me that his beard was in fact longer than the hair on his head!!! Dont know about Guy but Andrew will definitely be a Castaway regret.

  4. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Hi……..beat those southern cross boys lads! As Jem says the trend continues. All the way lads! Thewy

  5. Claire Says:

    Was watching a programme about sleep the other night and it was proven that taking a nap during the hours 2-5pm were far more beneficial than any other time - apparently Dee Caffari tried this formula and look what happened for her!!

  6. sedgly Says:

    hi guys…. chris and sarah’s thought for the day. (we’ve got a book-can you tell?!)

    ‘If the idea is not at first absurd, then there is no hope for it’
    Albert Einstein

    manly hugs and back slaps.

  7. Roger and Sue Says:

    Hi Andrew and Guy. After talking to Lina I am now a first time Blogger.We have been watching your daily progress with great admiration and interest since we watched you all leave Geraldton.The weather back here on the shores of the Indian Ocean has remained dry and warm to hot like when you were here at Easter and preparing for the start of the race. As farmers we are eagerly awaiting our first winter rains. It last rained in Nov. I hope the rain forcast for next week does not rock the boat too much. Most of our winter rain comes from the southern Indian Ocean, just keep north of it. Keep up the good work and safe rowing. Roger

  8. JeremyChristey Says:


    SC have picked up their pace over yesterday; but so have we…

    Distance behind SC;

    Sun - 108
    Mon - 92
    Tues - 79
    Weds - 69
    Thurs - 60

    24 hr speed;

    SC 2.15
    FF 2.58

    still 20% quicker - they are v pleased and have found a rhythm - could be catching the fours at this rate [I wish].

    I would like to stick my neck out and say that [all things remaining equal] there is no way that SC can outrun us in this weather. Talking of which it’s a bit feisty at the moment, 20-25 kn ESE, the worst it’ll be for another week as it abates and settles to an easy weekend and early next week. Blowing old boots at the back end of next week, but the boys are happy handling the conditions.

    The new tracker is unable to be started and seems fooked. So I’ll be relaying positions daily [at 0700] as I have been this week giving their 0600 UTC position so it will match up with the SC tracker data for the morning for comparison.

    Spirits high and Del v happy about ManU creeping forward. Anyway, to go a goal down against WIGAN, WTF?


  9. jamesgubb Says:

    Well, by my reckoning at the pace you’re going now you’ve done almost a third of your time at sea. Nice.

    Oh, and if you didn’t know, Carrick scored in last min and Man U beat Wigan 2-1…pretty much got the title now. But more importantly Brighton stayed up. And Andy Murray’s now world no.3.. even if he still couldn’t beat me ;-)


  10. Nigel Says:

    So far the last 24 hours have recorded probably your best mileage statistic. My question is have the seas ever been flat calm? Guy make sure you secure yourself before cleaning off the barnacles and salt deposits you don’t want to see Andy rowing off without you! Could be a delicacy within the barnacles? Keep safe.


  11. Gail Drew Says:

    Seen any shooting stars as yet?

    Lots of changes at work Guy - redundancies you wouldn’t believe!
    Sara has now left us of her own accord but still visiting us for our training in the forest! Life goes on!
    Well done you guys - really coming along nicely!


  12. John Says:

    Well done you two, you are doing great!
    There are two videos in the gallery one of the days leading up to the race and another of the race start. Take a look!

  13. http://www.indianoceanrace.com/gallery.php
  14. Katie Says:

    Have you named the cuddly toys!?
    Have you learnt the star constellations yet?!

    You guys are doing friggin awesomely….keep it up. Good luck with the barnacle duties!

    Sophs sends her luv & will blog you soon!
    PS James (Gubb) are we going to seeing you at Wimbledon this year then!?

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