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Day 26 - Second pod cast from Indian Ocean

Press play to start.

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Guy out

2165 Responses to “Day 26 - Second pod cast from Indian Ocean”

  1. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    OMG that piece of equipment ~ you call a lugaloo ~ I can remember Guy you stuffing it with all of your underwear etc, then shuffing it to the bottom of that long sailing bag we bought you at the boat show. It filled the whole bag ….. I didn’t say anything at the time ’cause time was running out and as usual with you, loads still to do!! but I did wonder why you were taking a long litter bin in your travel bag, and what would happen if at the airport they wanted to take a look …

  2. Pascoe Says:

    Guy that is a FAB podcast! I remember that lugabble loo and how proud you two were of it. Also you made me laugh at how typical it was for Andrew to lose something and you to break something!

  3. Pascoe Says:

    Also meant to say there is a brilliant article for those in horsham by sally newall in the resident paper. Great with a picture of Jaws but with the title Oars. Horsham peeps you must read it!

  4. Nicola Says:

    I know it was bucket and chuck it but surely you’re not suposed to chuck the bucket! Losing the toilet overboard seems to be all the rage as the girls on Pura Vida have apparently done the samel!

    As the evenings are lighter now we are off the ergos (thankfully) and back on the water in the week. Jenny, Sarah and I, and all the girls at Ardingly miss you training on the reservoir with us on a Wednesday night! We are wondering if you’ll ever want to row again when you get back….

    We are wishing you an ocean as calm as our reservoir to row on….


  5. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    I agree the article is Oarsome,well done Sally xxx

    Will make a great Poster!


  6. sillygirl Says:

    hee hee, that blog really made me laugh! nothing glamourous about what you guys are trying to acheive!
    keep going, love following ur progress.
    silly x

  7. minibec Says:

    haha sh*t happens guys! Reckon you’ll be able to plat your beards by the time you reach Mauritius? Keep pulling away & don’t loose sight of the bigger picture, you’re doing great :) xx

  8. greg Says:

    Little wonder you haven’t seen much wildlife if you are leaving a trail of abandoned equipment and human waste in your wake. If you boys were on land it would be classified as fly tipping toxic waste and you would be prosecuted by the council. Mind you if its keeping the sharks at bay then perhaps its for the best!

    Oh and as far as the belly buster challenge goes - I’m in, especially if you are both thin and weak as I fancy my chances.

    Crack (or should that be Cra*) on.



  9. Helen Says:

    Ha Ha Ha ….what a pickle you’ll be in!! Fancy losing the loo. Xtina posted a comment about it on Sarah’s blog this evenng…..and I laughed and laughed to myself in the study…………Have forwarded the blog from Xtina to sarah…..you may get a few comments from her. Sad about the other buckets too….now then wasn’t there a song about buckets ….a long time ago……There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Lisa, dear Lisa…….
    At least you can pee over the side without too much trouble……………about the other stuff….that’s more difficult…………I’ll sleep on that one and think about it…………………do it in a plastic bag, but then you’ve got to a) dump contents and wash bag, or b) do it in bag and dump bag as well….not good for environment!!! or c)hang over the side d) jump in water to perform…endless possibilities….keep thinking and trying out different things…BUT above all else…guard the remaining bucket wi th your lives.
    take care,

  10. andrea newall Says:

    Really enjoyed the video of the start of the race all sparkly water and sunshine and two boys rowing wearing very white clean T shirts - how do you manage to do the laundry? Sorry to hear about the bucket incident although sounds v funny I hope its not too much of a disaster. Spending far too much time keeping track of you but very excited for you both about the progress you are making. Clive and Andy

  11. Lina Says:

    Ha Ha Ha, I had a good laugh, bugaloo and portaloo, gone! I remember Gerard asking you both what do you do when you got to go… and when you got to go .. you got to go…and you mention your portaloo. Well I hope you have plenty of sticky tape for the third split bucket…otherwise you will have to hang your a.. over board, and let’s hope that there is no nibbling from any of the Ocean’s Residents!!!!! that was a good podcast Guy!

  12. jamesgubb Says:

    Still, perhaps marginally better than obliterating my parent’s gate though, heh, Del?! Nat wants to know if you’ve watched the drunken video messages yet?! Not that either of us can remember anything that we said that night…

    Just booked flights to go to Colombia late Oct. Obviously your attraction to adventure is rubbing off… though the girl in STA Travel had hairy armpits. NOT good. Nat says can she send you one of the pizzas she’s making tonight? Airmail?!


  13. jamesgubb Says:

    Oh. And Man Utd have just won the league. Nice (well, for you at least Digby).

  14. jules Says:

    Just listened to this, you literally are up the creek without a sh1tter. We too have suffered from the lack of quality control on Aussie buckets. Simon flooded the flat once when he was mopping the floor and the bucket spontaneously cracked when he was nowhere near it (so he claimed). It doesn’t bode well for the remaining bucket, so we will have to come up with more ideas for contingency planning. Did you take any of those biscuits they give you in the army to block you up?

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