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Day 27 - Adverse currents

Andrew and Guy have hit 850nm!!! The boys are dropping back a little over the weekend as they cross a 2,500m oceanic ridge. The ridge will create some considerable adverse currents. Although the weekend will be a tough ride we expect the boys to get back on the mileage next week. Spirits onboard remain good helped by the Manchester United game today !

Big thank you to Neil Tutton and Kat Knight for sorting out the message kindly sent by Ben Fogle (thank you Ben if you are reading this blog!!) it has really motivated them, knowing he is willing them on.

Once again ‘bloggers’ thank you for all your comments, the boys love getting them each day.

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To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

Tom out

3 Responses to “Day 27 - Adverse currents”

  1. Cuthbert Says:

    Congrats on the 850nm mark - when you look at your progress on the map is it really impressive, more so than numbers alone. I find it incredible that a 2.5Km ridge makes so much difference to the currents - don’t know when you get back into deeper water but hope that it is soon. Keep it up guys, you’re knocking those miles off.

  2. Craig Says:

    Oi Oi you two! How are the sores and blisters then? The thought of you two examining each others backsides is not the greatest of images I’ve gotta be honest! The music keeping you in high spirits I hope-I bought Mexico City gig on DVD yesterday-’you can reach,but you can’t grab it!’ totally immense! United won the league yesterday too,now for Barcelona in the champions league next Wednesday! I’m going up to Manchester like last year for it-Viva Ronaldo! Thinking of you all the time,keep it up,looking forward to that meal at Smith& Western,jug of lager each yeah?! Love ya, Craig. P.s. ‘I will not have her tunnel banded around this office willy nilly’

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