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Day 28 - One month on the ocean waves

So Guy¬†and Andrew¬†reach one month on the Indian Ocean. Whoo hooo! I’m sure you all agree this is a fantastic achievement in itself!!!!

Presently the boys are playing cat and mouse with the currents. It is fair to say that sometimes we know what is going on with the current and sometimes we don’t. Great to see the last podcast (day 26) making the news section on the Woodvale site. Please keep your supportive comments coming as we relay them all to the boys. Big thank you to all the sponsors and our very own support (Jem & Tim) crew

Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

Tom out

18 Responses to “Day 28 - One month on the ocean waves”

  1. missnicolajames Says:

    Loved the podcast… toilet humour never ceases to entertain. I hope that tape is extra secure!

    Keep up the hard work xx

  2. Ian Chorlton Says:

    Hi Andy and Guy,
    Sorry not been on the blog before now but have had IT problems in registering. Anyway Sarah has sorted for us.
    Loved the podcast. Brings a whole new meaning to the classic song there’s a whole in my bucket !!
    You know already that United are champions yet again and Andy and I cannot wait now for the Champions League Final 25th May to be the first team to to retain it.
    Monitoring your progress daily and you are definitely starting to catch those Southern Cross guys.Here’s to favourable currents and winds. Keep safe and all our best wishes.
    Ian C.

  3. Ian Chorlton Says:

    Andy &Guy,
    Correction CL Final is 27th !!
    Ian C.

  4. Dione - Petit Says:

    Can i get an ocean whoop whoop for one month and over 850nm on the indian ocean baby!!!! Ferkin oarsome lads!!!

    Keep up your amazing grit and determination - hopefully that bucket has the same strength as both of you, it’s gonna need it!! Flippin brilliant podcast - had me in stitches!

    My question for you is what song or album really gets each of you going out there - with the rowing obviously!!!

    Petit xx

  5. stuart_g_baty@hotmail.com Says:

    and then there was one….loo that is…thought that was very amusing guys….keep on rowing…..S

  6. Twink Says:

    Hi to two special guys. The crazy thing that you are doing is what helps keep my son alive. Thank you so much.

    Look after each other

    Love ya!!

    Twink xx (Lo’s Mum)

  7. Big Phil Says:

    I have a question for you Wattsy. If you were to substitute Ben Fogel for the day would you indulge in a bit of “accidental” spooning with him?

  8. Lina Says:

    Heard the weather has not been too favorable, Sunshine will come back soon!! and hopefully also wind in the right direction. Keep rowing hard i would like to see that little green dot going pass the purple one….you are nearly there!!! Have you been able to talk to Sarah? how is your solar power going?

  9. sedgly Says:

    would you rather…… continue to use a taped bucket for the rest of the race OR share a toilet with chris croucher FOREVER.



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