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Day 30: Batten down the hatches

It’s Tuesday here, just to let you all know that we’ve heard news that there is heavy weather coming in. I thought I’d let you know how we prepare for a storm on a boat of this size. Firstly we make sure there are no leaks, double checking everything is tied down correctly and making sure we know where the safety equipment is. We also put the para anchor out, I’m just checking the lines on that now. This will hold our position and prevent us from drifting in an adverse way i.e. East towards Australia. ¬†We are looking to see some quite serious conditions but we are both fine, looking forward to getting through that and starting to head west again. Looking forward to leaving a blog later this week to let you know how its all going.
Thanks again for your support. Thanks again for the message from Ben Fogle, Ashley and Craig. Craig we’ve just been listening to your song, thanks for that.

Take care guys.

Guy out.

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7 Responses to “Day 30: Batten down the hatches”

  1. JessicaJohns Says:

    Hi guys

    Sorry this is my first message to you - I have been following closely through Russ of course. Take care in the storm and hope you’re going speedily west again soon! I’ve loved reading all the questions and answers on the site - it’s great seeing so much support behing you as well.
    Thinking of you, Jess xxx

  2. gypmoss Says:

    hope the storm isn’t too intense and you see it through safely to keep making the gains on the others…sit back, watch a few dvd’s, put your feet up and tuck into some lovely dehydrated food !! Have you used the harpoon yet to catch some fish tukka ?!

  3. Cuthbert Says:

    you both take care

  4. Lina Says:

    You are in for some rough weather, hope it is not too wild….. I can see that you are well prepared…enjoy your music and movies while you can and keep up your strength for when the good weather comes back. Stay safe!

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