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Day 33 It’s been calmer today!

We’ve done a few miles today it’s calmer but still 20 knot winds to contend with, but we’re moving again and in the right direction.¬† We have had plenty of time to think about all the things we want bought out to Mauritius - including Haribo and CHOCOLATE - we miss chocolate - we’ve eaten the Haribo and didn’t think about packing the chocolate being far too healthy!

So the sky is still blue and the so is the sea and we’ve seen some really colourful fish and seabirds to keep us company. I deny listening to Enya and Clannad…….!

So that’s about it from me -¬† Andrew out

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9 Responses to “Day 33 It’s been calmer today!”

  1. j9sunny Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Just wanted to say a quick hello to you and Guy. I was really full of admiration for what you were doing until I remembered you were a Man Utd fan. However, this just confirms my theory that there are no Manu fans in Manchester - plenty in the Indian Ocean.
    Keep rowing, keep blogging. I’m trying to spread the word… Sarah will confirm.
    Janine (the journo!)

  2. Pascoe Says:

    Err delaney dont think you can get away with denying you listen to enya and clannad we all know its on your Ipod.along with many other questionable music choices!!!!!!! And I can confirm Janine has certainly been spreading the word about the row, thanks Janine, more help the better at advertising the boys challenge.

  3. Lina Says:

    Glad to see that you have now clear blue sky…and hopefully the wind will blow in the right direction. Saw all the group you met in Dongara ( you know the one who baked the carrot cake you love so much) it was Lloyd 50th had a great time… and they are all following your tracker and reading your blog. They wanted to know how far are you from Sarah? Now that you are back on track…..you better row hard so you can get to Mauritius quicker to satisfy all your cravings!!!!!

  4. JeremyChristey Says:

    Position in relation to Sarah O.

    They are at excactly the same latitude and FF are around 420 miles behind [east of] her.

    They will be able only to talk over the radio if the aerials are in sight of each other, so the range on a low rowing boat is quite low in comparison to a yacht with he aerials at the top of the mast.

    So it’ll have to be a close fly by if they are to chat this side of a bar in Mauritius!


  5. Cuthbert Says:

    Glad to hear that you’ve weathered the storm and are back on track. Thre really should have been some iPod censoring before you went! It’s amazing to think you’ve been at sea for 34 days - AMAZING! Keep pulling away.

  6. JeremyChristey Says:


    Before entering the storm they were around 60 miles behind them.

    Because of their position when it hit, and their determined efforts at how they managed the boat, plus getting off anchor at just the right time meant that they have got a jump on them.

    As of this morning they are 35 miles behind [east] and 79 miles south.

    The south gives some separation, which does induce a degree of risk as they row in differing conditions but we anticipate that this will pay off, though I can’t disclose why at present.

    Wind nice and easy for a week now with flatter seas and some small local storm clouds that give them a good soaking, which is a relief for showering as the water maker is a little slow with the recent cloud cover..

    They are in great spirits, boat is in good shape with ongoing repairs [eg primary GPS not working, now it is], and both bodies are in good nick.

    Andy can’t grip very well, so that makes some tasks a little difficult. I won’t go into that in any more detail, just in case you’re eating as you read this.


  7. andrea newall Says:

    Glad to hear that you have weathered the storm and that you are both ok. Just to say that I used Enya and Clannard to very great effect when teaching art to old folk with dimentia - it calmed them down and they produced some really good work. thought I would share that with you! Love andy and clive

  8. Claire Says:

    Sarah so glad you put that comment on! I wondered where my Enya CD went!! Andrew was quite adamant that he wasn’t listening, though how only one of them can listen to anything with those speakers blasting out………….!
    I think there is - in fact I know there is everything from Beatles to Mozart on that Ipod………………!

    Little bit concerned that Andrew’s loosing his grip - hope it’s only temporary!!

    Nearly at that 1000 mark………………

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