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Day 34: Bye bye bucket no. 3!

Hi guys, hope you are all OK. Firstly thank you to Neil and Kat for getting Ben Fogle to send us a message and thanks to Ben himself. It really came at a tough time and helped us get through the recent storm. There were 2 bad things to come out of the storm, firstly I was out setting up the para anchor and moved the bucket to get a blade out, next thing I saw a grey thing under the boat, I got really excited thinking that it was our second shark spotting, only to realise it was our 3rd bucket drifting off in a current! Me being responsible for the loss of 2 of them! We’ve started using a flare container as a bucket now which is helping us out. Second thing was that the GPS failed during the storm, water in the electrics. Thank god Andy managed to play around with it and fix it this afternoon!

In other news there has been a bright blue fish following us since just before the storm. Not sure what it is but looks like a long parrot fish, very quick through the water. Fantastic tropical colours…really nice to see him every day.

OK guys thanks again, good that we’re getting some more media attention!

Hope you are all having fun, speak soon.

Guy out.

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