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Day 36 - Slow day at sea

Andrew and Guy continue to sit under para anchor today as weather blows through. Unfortunately little progress towards Mauritius. Mood onboard is good however countdown to 1000nm is ticking away. Weather to improve over the next few days. Please keep your comments and importantly your questions coming. Thank you to everyone for your support.

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To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

Tom out

12 Responses to “Day 36 - Slow day at sea”

  1. Caroline Reid Says:

    Hi boys,
    You’re so close to 1000nm now, keep it up! We are avid followers of the blog and are sending you lots of love and good weather!

    Sarah & Caroline x

  2. Crazy Canine Says:

    Guy ,
    Beers - Funky Fish Club or Revenge ?

  3. Dione - Petit Says:

    Bring on the 1000nm mark - blinding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haven’t been able to log in for a couple of days after the cook-along - broke my ankle when i fell off those wobbling wooden planks, got salt in my eyes from the buckets of water being thrown at me, burnt my arm while trying to light my stove, scalded my fingers while pouring the boiling the water into my food sachet and gave myself food poisoning - this rowing lark is tough!!!!!! ;-)

    Keep up the amazing progress - the quicker you stroke the faster you’ll come!!!!!

    Petit x

  4. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Hey Dionne loving it!!!!!!!


    (Guess we’ll have some rude comments on your last few words though)

  5. Lina Says:

    Hi there…..moving slowly but surely….keep it up!!! Do you have some one to advise you of the weather and to tell you what direction to take to avoid the worst?
    i will not be able to log in for a week or two, but i will still try to see your tracker. Just going for an op on the shoulder, so will not be able to type for a while. I will be very impatient to see your progress when able to log back in. Wishing all the very very best, and hope the weather is good to you!

  6. andrea newall Says:

    Message from Phil and Adele in Cornwall for Guy keep on rowing you are needed for 11 July for coast path relay! Went sailing with the girls on the weekend, Clive desperately wanted to put the spinnaker up so hurry on back for some cornish sailing fun!
    Love clive and andy

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