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Day 37 - Somewhere over the rainbow

As you keen blog followers will know Andy and I have been on the sea anchor a lot over the last week which was getting depressing.  We are finally back on the oars and making progress which is really good.  There has been a definite change in the weather and the most amazing thing is the amount of rainbows all around us, linked to nearby storms and rainfall.  Neither of us have ever seen anything like it and over the ocean they are really bright and intense.

I’ve got a couple of congratulations to pass on.¬† Firstly to Gubb well done on your new job and forthcoming trip with Nathalie - enjoy!¬† Secondly to Russ and Jess who we understand have got engaged and are planning to get married next year.¬† Really pleased for you both.

On a different not I’ve heard¬†we’ve been getting some stick¬†about¬†our choice of music so far on the boat and I would like to defend Enya and explain why¬†she fits the mood!¬† Let me draw you a mental picture: The sea anchor’s out, we’re sitting in a big storm and both me and Andy are laying naked in the cabin with waves crashing all around us (8-10 metres of swell and 40 knots of wind).¬† The last thing you want to listen to is anything too¬†aggressive, you just¬†want to chill out and escape.¬† Anyway enough of that business - you’ll be pleased to hear that with the storms gone¬†we’re listening to Black Sabbath and Metallica, a very manly collection.¬† Enya’s out and thank you all for showing¬†us the error of our ways.

Back to rowing.  Speak to you soon and keep the comments coming we are both enjoying them!



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33 Responses to “Day 37 - Somewhere over the rainbow”

  1. Ann Mann Says:

    I think if you are lying naked in a boat in the middle of an oceon watching beautiful rainbows, Enya sounds very suitable listening! Every time you hear her singing in the future you will remember that, not sure about Metallica!
    We’re glad you’re on the move again, keep rowing and you will get there we are sure.
    We are keeping up to date with your progress on the website, it is quite addictive!
    Good luck to you both!

  2. Craig Says:

    Lets get things straight-there is nothing wrong with a bit of Enya, it’s only when Watts puts on the prefab sprout then I start to worry! It’s the big one tomorrow night-United v Barcelona,come on you reds! Wish I could send u live updates! So happy your back rowing again-smash through those nm’s! I’m thinking of ya all the way boys-love ya. Craig x. P.S. ‘me lager,finchy lager,gareth lager-sometimes cider,different drinks…for different needs’

  3. JeremyChristey Says:

    the girls will definitely be getting live updates of the Euro cup final.


  4. JeremyChristey Says:

    they will however, be asleep

  5. Katie Says:

    how bromantic it all sounds (bar the storm bit!).
    Hope you get back to your rowing soon, but at least it gave you a good dvd session.
    Bank holiday is just over - & for once it was fab weather over here (sun burn straight away!), but the rain was back in force this morning….but no beautiful rainbows.

  6. sally newall Says:


    Loving the updates. I’ve just seen how close you are to SC. Amazing work.

    Beard update please.


  7. Claire Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! just thought I’d take yet another quick look before turning in and you’ve hit the 1000 mark………………….! Now for Man U to do their bit! x x

  8. Pascoe Says:

    I love the fact that to justify listening to Enya Guy you felt you should draw us a mental picture of you two lying naked in the cabin, listening to her to try and escape. I should be deeply concerned, but instead just rather amused.

    Keep up the fantastic rowing efforts xxxxx

  9. Helen Says:

    Hi guys…hope the rough weather is abating and that you’re both back on those oars!!!..that’s what you’re there for…not lounging around! What it must be like, with two of you on board, heaven only knows…
    Sorry to hear about the LAST bucket……….try to be careful with the flare container.
    Sarah celebrated her 24th birthday today in style and even managed to save a tin of peaches for tea!…champers at lunch tim,e too.
    She was on Radcliffe and Maconie show on radio 2 this evening… great to hear her. She’s been frustrated by the weather too, but has managed to get some rowing in today.
    Hope you two are ok. Xtina keeps me updated as well as me looking at the blog when I can….its pretty time consuming though keeping up to date with all Sarah’s stuff, forwarding stuff to her, etc….I do have a look at your site every few days though. Flex those muscles lads, and get rowing!
    Best wishes, Helen

  10. xtina (guy's mum) Says:


    1000 miles across the Blue
    We’re all raising our glasses to you
    Ferkins is flying ~ only 2132nm to do.

    Mountainous waves
    Roller coaster rides
    Claw hands
    and sore back sides

    Ferocious elements,starved of food and sleep
    (no buckets either, we all weep)
    As you plot your position on the charts to keep
    Ultimate test of Endurance so steep.

    Andy and Guy
    we all salute you
    to keep on rowing
    for (so many?) weeks


  11. jamesgubb Says:

    I’m not enjoying that mental picture. Boys, you’re only 40nm behind the other pair now. Yes.

  12. johnp Says:

    Not 40nm behind Sc - the latest progess update suggests they are the same distance from Mauritius as SC and who knows - by now they could be ahead.

    What a difference when they stop sitting around watching films and reading books and listening to Enya and others.

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