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Day 38 We’ve made the 1000 miles!

Hope all is well back there -¬† were on the para-anchor most of last night and started rowing again this morning, when the rain decided to start! Progress is a little slow but we are still plodding along. We’ve now been doing 24 hours rowing which is good and the weather is good for us until the weekend when we have some westerlies to contend with which could slow us up - really pleased to have hit the 1000 mark.

Over a month at sea now and the food cravings have really kicked in.¬† All we dream about is having some flavoured food once we get to Mauritius, as even the nuts on the boat are saltless.¬† We are¬†severely regretting our attitude at the start that junk food is not a necessity, because IT IS.¬† At the moment my main craving is my mums treacle sponge pudding and I would kill for Mary Pascoe’s Lemon Drizzle!!!!

I know Guy’s been trying to keep this quiet but our new bucket - the spare flares canister is doing ok.

For all of you concerned with the music being played I’ve listened to Bloc Party today.¬† Giving Enya a rest for now.

Hope the Chorlty’s have a great time in Rome watching Man U wish I could be there too but I will be on that phone getting regular up dates from Jem when I’ve finished my shift.

Thanks again for all the support and donations to the charity. Makes all the tiredness, sores and hunger seem worthwhile when the charity total heads closer towards our fundraising target.

Andrew out.

Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

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40 Responses to “Day 38 We’ve made the 1000 miles!”

  1. Twitted by TeamMSS Says:

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  2. Claire Says:

    Not only has the 1000 nm been hit they are the same distance from Mauritius as SC…………….! Here’s to the next 1000! Flying Ferkins Fly!!

  3. petesz Says:

    Woop!! Congratulations! :) Really pleased that you’ve made the 1,000 mile mark without succumbing to sharks, big waves or scurvy - the news has brought a smile to my face. I’ve been following your progress regularly, though have been too busy with school/too lazy to post until now…

    Question: what will happen to all the buckets you’ve thrown overboard?

    Peter, from Horsham, West Sussex, England


  4. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Amazing Petesz ~ have just bumped into your Father and given him Guy’s “Two friends,One Boat” card for you to get on this blog ~ you beat me to it!!

    Guy has a lovely photograph on the Ferkin, of you two rowing for the first time at Southwater Country Park… you both started rowing at the age of 8 or 9 …..

    Congratulations to Guy,Andy and Flying Ferkins ~ 1000nm ~ fantastic endurance.

  5. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Oi Oi Oi, saveloys, way to go boys. Keep pushing. Lots of Thewy love.

  6. Kathryn Watts Says:

    WOW 1000nm - we salute you both and are celebrating doing the “Guyness Mexican wave” - for those that want to join in…..that’s both arms up in the air, little fingers and thumbs up high! shouting “YEAH”……
    We continue to be so, so, proud of you both and are with you every step of the way.

    Question for you: Have you either of you dreamt whilst on board (keep it clean!)?


  7. Katie Says:

    Woo hoooooo…1000nm, nice one :)
    Your cravings are giving me cravings…for treacle & lemon drizzle cakes!
    Keep up the fab work

  8. megmac Says:

    Wooo hooo! finally i can get on this site and send you a message! totally loving it…

    well done guys, massive achievement….in my blonde state i was just about to type the song ‘and i would walk 500 miles and i would…..’ but then realised you are indeed rowing…and infact gone past 500 miles twice now so that song title is totally useless…..
    ANyway, thinking of you TONS…. and will be checking so regularly now i have had it explained to me how this thing works! excuse my simple mind!

    loving you xxxx

  9. Big Phil Says:

    In case you havn’t heard Barca gave Utd a proper whipping. It was men against boys out there. Ronaldo was crying like a baby at the end.

  10. Roger and Sue Says:

    Congratulation on reaching the 1000nm mark and narrowing the gap with SC. The bad weather you encounted a week or so ago gave us 50mm of rain here on the west coast. The sun burnt country is now quickly turning green and the farmers are busy planting their crops. In answer to Peter in West Sussex re your lost buckets, they may well turn up on a beach back here at Geraldton or even Dongera. I will keep my eyes open for them. Did you leave a message in one of them? I am not sure but I think we might have heard a bit of Enya drifting in on the sea breeze the other evening down at the Dongera farm beach (Dornford Castle) so the buckets can’t be far behind. Safe rowing. Cheers, Roger and Sue.

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