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Update from Flying Ferkins Support Crew

How does locating Flying Ferkins work ? Here’s a brief explanation of how distances are calculated over the ocean?

Longitude & Latitude

Measurements of longitude are like segments on an orange e.g their distances apart [between the degrees and minutes] are bigger at the equator and smaller as you get towards each pole. Latitude measurements are like slices across, parallel with the equator and are the same size North or South. Ok so far? Longitude and latitude measurements are measurements of differing distances.

So what’s the quickest route to Mauritius?

The shortest route has already been worked out by much more intelligent¬† people than us [in 1924 actually]¬†it is called ‘the great circle’ route holding south and then progressively coming up [fairly late on], to Mauritius. Unbelievable as it is, that’s the quickest route-look here¬†if you’re seriously¬†interested in how it looks or how it is worked out click here.

How do we work out boat positions?

This is how we work out the relative boat positions, for example to Southern Cross. There are 60 minutes in a degree [remember that geography lesson?] so you can work out how many minutes they are apart. For example this morning: 

Flying Ferkins position was Latitude 26,26 Longitude 95,27.

Southern Cross Latitude 24,33, Longitude 95,30.

Distance apart is therefore Latitude: 1 degree & 53 minutes Longitude: 0 degree & 3 minutes. 113 minutes.

Remember earlier? Latitude is the same distance all the way down the earth [and conveniently one minute of latitude is one nm], so 113 minutes is 113 nm. Longitude is slightly different and we are assuming it is about 0.9  of a nautical mile in this area, so multiply the minutes by 0.9 to give the nm, so 3 degrees becomes 2.7 nm. This puts Flying Ferkins 2.7nm West of Southern Cross and 113 nm South.

I hope this has been useful and not too taxing! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below, we’ll endeavour to get back to you directly.

Flying Ferkins Support Crew out.

9 Responses to “Update from Flying Ferkins Support Crew”

  1. gypmoss Says:

    great to see the 1000m mark has been passed, superb achievement so far, next the half way mark then the sprint for home ! Great to see that you’ve made great headway into the SC boys, they’ll be able to smell you soon !! Keep up the great rowing lads,

  2. Nicky Morgan Says:

    Well done - 1000nm is a huge achivement. What is the next milestone?
    Have just been catching up on your blogs - I didn’t realise anyone still listened to Enya - especially naked! You said you had been watching films - which ones did you take with you - presumably nothing water or rowing-related?!
    You are doing so well - keep it up and hope things stay calm for you.
    Nicky, Jonathan & Alex xx

  3. jamesgubb Says:

    Aha! Now I see why you’re 1067 nm in with 2079nm to go, when Southern Cross are 1097 nm in with 2076nm to go. So basically, you’ve won!! Haha.

  4. trumpet Says:

    Yo wassup homeboys?!

    Bit down in the household today after the miserable loss last night to Barcelona. Never mind…worse things happen…..oh sorry…shut up Mark.

    Been camping for a few days in Snowdon, so just come on and checked your progress…….you’re doing brilliantly well! Come on lads, I need a world record to cheer me up. Expect you’ll have some severe mental scarring though, what with all the rolling around naked together. Hope those images don’t come back to haunt you, just when you could do without it? (waaaaaa haaaaa)

    Trumpet Out (still making myself laugh with that…easily pleased)

  5. Claire Says:

    All I know is that if SC keep going north then south they do more mileage for less distance!

  6. John Says:

    Yes its great news, it must be a real relief for them to be able to get on and row after so much waiting! I make mid point 1565 nm so about 500 miles to hit that one….I hope the growing smell of an approaching FF doesn’t spur the SC boys on too much!

  7. russ Says:

    Boys, first chance i’ve had to get on here in a few days as Mrs Jefferys-to-be and I took an extended Bank Hol break across the Channel. We felt tantalisingly close to you on our car ferry from Plymouth as we pitched and rolled over the sea to distant Roscoff.

    So it was with eager anticipation that i logged on to your blog to find you virtually level-pegging with SC! Sounds like they had to deal with a capsize - and you boys didn’t fail to capitalise. Great work.

    Andrew, I have to admit my holiday was made complete watching Man Ure succumb to the might of Barca last night - Ronaldo’s face at the end was a picture. Losing to the fiercest rivals of the team you’ll join this summer: Priceless.

    And finally, Guy, thanks for the engagement announcement. How’s your speech coming on?

    R&J xxx

  8. Gail Drew Says:

    Hi Guy, Denise and I thought about you last friday at Raj’s polo match in Ascot. The champagne didnt stop flowing and the lobster was amazing but the best thing of all was the four ft chocolate fountain! But all said and done, we would much rather have been with you on your little boat in the Indian Ocean :) Miss you loads xx
    oh forgot to say - well done on reaching the 1000 mile mark!

  9. Team MSS - Andrew Delaney Says:


    Indian Ocean Rowing Race 19 April 2009 - Team MSS - Andrew Delaney …

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