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Day-39 Football - Motivation

The mood onboard is positive today and¬†in true competitive spirit, although 1000nm (1085 nm to be exact)¬†has been hit they are both now ‘gunning’ for¬† the half way point! Wildlife is still rather scarce, their bodies are still holding up but they are keeping a watchful eye.

The boys had a ‘running text’¬†commentry (approx 60)¬†detailing the Manchester United vs Barcelona European cup final last night from the Flying Ferkins Support Crew. They were very amused if ultimately disappointed by the result.

However, as a little motivation tactic,¬†the texting stopped just 12 minutes before the end…..Andrew had to get out of bed and do a 3 hour shift not knowing what happened next.¬†They then had to wait until the messages were queued and delivered 6 hours later! to find out the final result.

Good weather on the horizon (even a climse of some blue sky today), some small local squalls blowing through with rain periodically. 

Always on the hunt for discussion topics for the boys…so keep the comments/questions coming…..

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To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

Tom out

1622 Responses to “Day-39 Football - Motivation”

  1. Pascoe Says:

    Andrew didnt sound too motivated by the football when I spoke to him earlier!!!!!!!!! Man united have a lot to answer for!!!! His main focus was still on food though so maybe if we do the dangling carrot trick that may encourage motivation. Bring on halfway, then the straight line HOME!!! woohoo

  2. aireyfairies Says:

    Hi There - Mum and John are on their 3rd bottle of pinot grigio and I have kept thrm waiting for a meal for 3 hours - heck so what, so good to hear what you two have been up to - don’t chat to too many birds and keep your oar in. Love and kisses Brenda (you remember, the old dragon at roffey)…seriously, take care………..good on you….god bless x x x

  3. gypmoss Says:

    after 39 days out in the sea, firstly do you think this was still a good idea ?! Secondly, have you thought about doing some other challenge..rowing around the Antarctic icecap seems a pretty difficult one and probablt best to do it soon beofre it disappears !! Don’t be too dissapointed about the Man U result, us on Merseyside arn’t..wey hey !!Mike

  4. greg Says:

    Del and Tel,

    Keep rowing and all that business (but that’s not helpful to you!) let’s get down to some serious questioning and try to get you thinking:

    1. Have you had any thougths on what you are both likely to do job wise when you return back to the UK? (maybe second hand boat sales?)
    2. Will you both come back to Wednesday night football as we miss you and need the numbers? (5 of us last night - knackered within 5 minutes!)
    3. Do you think that Susan Boyle (The Hairy Angel) will win Britain’s Got Talent?

    That’s all for now.

    Keep up the good work.



  5. Emma Robbo Says:

    Hey Boys,

    Loving following your progress, and bucket chat! Pretty disappointed for you about the wildlife.

    I had a funny day a few weeks ago that I thought might make you laugh…I went to Duxford for the day for work (to count things!) and en route to the tube a bird pooed on me. Don’t let anyone tell you that is good luck…When I got to Duxford it was raining but I hadn’t worn a coat and could not wear my poo covered cardigan so had to walk up and down the runway 4 times in the rain, in a shirt, pencil skirt and heels. Someone even said ‘this is a bit of a bridget jones moment’!?! When lunchtime finally came and I was offered a cup of tea I jumped at it so off this lovely smiley lady went…40 minutes later my tea had still not arrived but a paramedic had…She had fallen down the stairs on her way back with my cup of tea!! She ended up being given morphine shots and taken to hospital with a broken arm! Bad times ;o)

    Keep up the hard work, you are doing fantastic. GO TEAM GO!

    Lots of love,

    Emma xx

  6. xtina (guy's mum) Says:



    no more ideas ok!!

  7. jamesgubb Says:

    Bloke goes into a brothel in Rome and asks ‘how much for humiliation?’ ‘¬£37.50′ replies the madam. ‘What do I get for that?’ the bloke says. She responds: ‘A Man Utd shirt’.


  8. Dione - Petit Says:

    Hee hee - i also saw an advert on ebay for 30,000 Man Utd flags, great condition - only waved for 9 mins…………..just getting my own back after the Arsenal match!!! :)

    Well lads i have checked your latitude and longditude on the woodvale site and by my calcualtions after our lesson from the support crew you are just south of Jamaica…………..oarsome effort!!!!!

    Petit xx

  9. sally newall Says:


    I have just checked the progress and I believe you may have passed Southern Cross!

    I know you are fully aware of this but just wanted to say amazing work, oarsome, well done etc etc xxxx

  10. Tom W Says:

    Some great banter today…absolutely loving it.
    Greg - rumour has it that you are ‘The Hairy Angel’ ?!?
    Petit - good work on the locating front ! I’ll send your CV through to FF Support Crew.

    Please can we have some more clean Man Utd jokes ?

    Emma - you couldn’t make that stuff up - bird poo is def not good luck…

    Question from Amelia (aged 2 and a bit): When you were younger what was your favourite kiddies programme, [I’ll put a ¬£10 into Orchid if Guy says Gobots] !!

    Keep that rowing going boys, your efforts continue to pay off! Bum in the seat…lots love tom

  11. Dione - Petit Says:

    More Man Utd jokes Tomouse - if you insist………….. Welders Required - Manchester Area - to put roof back on bus !!!!!! ;)

    And Tom, please keep me posted on my progress with getting a job on the FF Support Crew - i’m a geography genius!!!

  12. Jill Holmes Says:

    Q: What do Man Utd and a 3-pin plug have in common?
    A: They’re both useless in Europe!

    Well you did ask for clean Man U jokes, Tom

  13. russ Says:

    Tom - don’t get me started, I’ve got loads of ‘em!

    Apparently Wayne Rooney has had a phone call from Harry Potter. He wants his invisible cloak back.

    Swine Flu discovered in Italy: 30,000 United fans pig-sick.

    What does a United fan say to his son after watching the Mighty Reds retain the Champions League? ‚ÄúTurn the Playstation off son, it‚Äôs getting late.‚ÄĚ

    Michel Platini has announced that the next time United get to a European Cup final, they must play with two balls so they can have a kick.


  14. Katie Says:

    Just checked your progress & you have overtaken the other pairs…WOO HOO!! Nice one guys, you are doing fantastically!
    Am off on a hen weekend, so hope to come back & see that you have extend that lead.
    Would love to join in the footie chat…but just not got a clue about that - can only do rugby!

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