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Day 40 - Forty days & crossing 1100nm mark

Andrew and Guy had another good day on the oars pushing them over the 1100nm mark ! The boys hit a clockwise current and through some determined rowing managed to punch through it. Leaving them in lovely variable rowing wind. For a change they have been able to look back at the nasty weather system that they were in. Big thank you again to our (FFSC) Flying Ferkins Support Crew, fantastic to have you on board !

Bloggers, keep those questions, jokes, comments and positive comments coming_!

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To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

Tom out

662 Responses to “Day 40 - Forty days & crossing 1100nm mark”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hi Guys!!!
    Congrats on getting to the 1100 nauties!! great news. Sarah sends her best. She has tried recently to phone you but Xtina said you were probably ” out walking the dog , or “down the pub”!!!!! now then, you know there’s not supposed to be any little jaunts like that!! You are there to get across this bit of water they call ” The Indian”. So pleased that you are now out of the naughty weather system….. Sarah is looking forward to some more serious rowing tomorrow, she’s had enough of having to be holed up in that cabin!! She did have a good birthday, great party, tho I wa s abit late getting there, ….just couldn’t get the ferry in time!! On a more serious note…she’s still havinh fun, talking to her friendly fish and albies, phoning home occasionally, writing blogs, eating drinking champoers….only on her birthday, honestly. She’s ok but anxious to get rowing again!
    Hope all stays well for you and the rest of the racers..
    Kepp smilin’ and always remember( something Derek, sarah’s father always said when things got tough) IF YOU CAN’T TAKE A JOKE…..THEN YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE JOINED. ………………… even when he was very sore and his arthritis was getting him down, he rarely showed it.
    HUGZ to you both. xxx

  2. Pascoe Says:

    Helen that is such a lovely message. Hope Sarah is getting on ok. I check her website everyday. Funny how a ocean rowing club tends to form! I will make sure Derek’s words of wisdom are passed on to the boys. At the moment think their sense of humour is still clinging on, as when chat to andrew try to get a laugh out of him, which generally I do, as long as I dont tease him about food he is missing!!!!!! Wish Sarah Happy Birthday from us all, it is Andrews too in a week. Cant believe all three of them have had their birthdays in the middle of the ocean. Quite a memory.

  3. JeremyChristey Says:

    the man united jokes have been passed on.

    oh, how andy laughed

    By the way, and inspired by Greg, should we all develop some stories that are blatantly untrue and pass them onto the boys?

    Is it only me that finds this a very funny prospect… I’ll get my coat


  4. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Well what can we say Guy & Del boy???!!!??? Awesome progress boys, Im sitting here in the garden drinking a beer and thinking of the conversation between you two must be like???…..I bet Guy’s thinking about one thing. Perhaps i’m a cynic but i know Wattsy. Keep that progress going guys I have all my work mates tracking you too….Thewy

  5. xtina (guy's mum) Says:

    Chris ~ can you text me Pav’s phone number??


    Enjoy that beer!¬Ī!

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