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Day 41 - On The Crest Of A Wave!

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok.

Andy and I used the power anchor over night which was a nice break as we are both tired from pushing hard over the last few days.¬† We have been making good progress today and spirits are high.¬† We are making use of the waves around at the moment and the ‘ferkin is surfing’ which is¬†really aiding our progress. It was a great feeling to hit the 1000nm mark and our next target is the halfway point which we hope to acheive quickly now that we are into a good stride.

For those people who don’t know its Andy’s Birthday next Saturday and I’ve got some ideas planned include breaking open some haribo and wearing some special head torches for a party atmosphere!¬† If anyone has any other ideas on what two men can do on a small boat¬†to celebrate a birthday, please let me know.¬† By the way I’m loving the Man U comments and I’m sure Andy will come back with some remarks very soon.

A big thank you to those people who have so kindly donated money to our chosen charity Orchid which we very much appreciate.  We hope you are enjoying following our progress.

Cheers Guys, see you later.



Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

801 Responses to “Day 41 - On The Crest Of A Wave!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for all the jokes……………………….!! Rich coming from you Jefferys The Gooners have won ‘f’ all this season!!!

  2. Helen Says:

    Hi there Guys!!
    Sarah was chuffed to be able to talk to you today, and pleased that she had not been the only one to have to use “Bob” the sea anchor!.
    Pleased to say, that now, Bob is back in and she’s surfin’….and sleepin’ too. She rang me this afternoon and was in good spirits, though a little concerned that she might have trouble rationing all her goodies till she gats in to Mauritius…she sometimes furtles thro the food bags until she finds chocolate!!! She says she’ll have to start being a bit stricter with herself!
    As for the party……you could maybe make some bunting / flags from various bits of clothing, turn the head lamps on / off to make it more like a disco, invite lots of wildlife to join with you………………… i did think a bit of line dancing might break the monotony, but, there again…..not a lot of room for that either!.
    However you decide to celebrate it, take care, stay safe and HAPPY SURFIN !!

  3. rossiteryachts Says:

    Keep flying you Ferkins. It’s a big old ocean, but you are getting there.
    All the best from everyone at Rossiter Yachts.

  4. megmac Says:

    ah awesome news, i remeber many many messy bday nights with del- have you got any tesco K cider with you on board?!! garenteed to get delaney in the party mood!

    loving the updates and keep surfing!xxx

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