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Day 42 Dreams………………..zzzz!

We’ve been flying since coming off para anchor and getting well ahead of SC.¬† All is well - still no wild life but can’t begin to imagine what might be below us though!!

We’ve been asked if we get to dream while we grab some sleep - all I know is that I woke from one of my naps recently having dreamed I had a 4000 word essay to hand in that morning and I hadn’t even started it!!!

Another question was what films we’d watched - well so far -Natural Born Killers, Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels, Heat, White Club, Crash, Casino Royale…..

Thanks for the jokes!!!!¬† They are now ALL deleted……………!

Thank you everyone for all the messages of support - we can’t wait to get halfway.

Andrew out but certainly not down.

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2812 Responses to “Day 42 Dreams………………..zzzz!”

  1. John Says:

    What a day …50 miles in one day and 40 miles ahead of SC. You are doing great …don’t let up now though you could have a run on them now! Lets hope the weather holds good for a little longer. Well done to the support crew who have quietly steered them to fast waters! Brilliant!!

  2. Goldie Says:


    Well… rowing an ocean would be a very good reason to not hand in an imaginary essay ;)

    Seriously though, well done, you really are flying along!


  3. fionawatts Says:

    Sorry we haven’t been in touch for so long. We have been tracking your progress and so pleased to see you are doing so well and that the half way mark is in your sights. We hope the weather stays in your favour. Keep rowing! Lots of love Fiona & Simon x

  4. Claire Says:

    Interesting comments on the Woodvale site - Flying Ferkins really has Southern Cross worried I think…………..! Such temptation to write back but I resisted - the one to add would be “Now wait for FF to overtake Bexhill”!

  5. Cuthbert Says:

    Great progress lads, now well in the lead - very impressed by the miles per day being covered and the films being watched. Keep looking out for the wildlife.

  6. Big Phil Says:

    How many times has Guy made you watch Heat Andrew? One day he will realise that it is garbage with no cohesive plotline & an over rated performance from Pacino

  7. woodws Says:

    Looking out onto the ocean yesterday off the Pembrokeshire coast and Alexis and I thought of you for a while. Caught up with your blogs today a massive effort- Ferkins are Flying.

    I thought Del might be able to expand on his dreams now that he has rowers cramp!

    Is rowers cramp the correct terminlogy?

    Nice one chaps…
    Alexis and Steve

  8. russ Says:

    Boys, the good work continues - clear ocean between you and SC now. Let’s hope the southerly option continues to pay off, we’re all rooting for you!

    Jeremy - love the idea of feeding the boys a few ‘false headlines’…

    Shall we start with Cristiano Ronaldo in ¬£60m move to Real? We could follow up in a few days with ‘Fergie retires’ and then ‘Brown calls for immediate election’… There’s so much mileage in this…

    Loving your updates by the way, keep them coming.

  9. chrissyg Says:

    Hey Guy and Andrew
    So sorry we’ve been out of touch, we’ve been on hols with no Internet access - disastrous! Really impressed with your progress and to be in front of the other pair, you’re flying. Andrew, don’t worry about Man U, you were robbed - sort of! And why are you both naked all the time, is it chafeage!!? I’ve managed to log mum onto the blog now so hopefully she’ll send you a comment soon, we’re meeting Tom & Kat on Sunday for lunch so will catch up with your news even further. Keep going strong
    Love Chris & Ali xxx

  10. Cherry Says:

    Delaney! I am officially addicted to reading your blogs…you pair are amazing..keep it going!! If i could bring you a canteen 50p treacle sponge and custard i would !! Watch out for what’s below…i would hate Pikey to be right ;-) Love Cherry xx

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