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Day 58 - Having a Whale of time!

Hello it’s me¬† it’s now day 58 -¬† as you can see from tracker we are¬† making good progress west now finally after our week of sitting around and the ocean has definitely come alive, we saw our first whale yesterday don’t ask me what species it was but it was huge, it came up to the surface about 50m from the hatch of the stern cabin and blew it’s¬† air and water out and dived back down again which was pretty awesome.¬† The reason we are seeing¬† more life at the moment has¬† something to do with the ridge we are on, we have a 500m depth at the moment compared of the normal¬† 5000¬† which we have been on, which gives some idea of why we are having a lot of wildlife hanging around the boat at the moment.¬† We have been going well for the last four days and it is looking good for the rest of the week and hopefully we will be getting to the¬† halfway by the weekend¬† -¬† this is the plan!!

Not a lot else to report so Andrew over and out.

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4700 Responses to “Day 58 - Having a Whale of time!”

  1. Cuthbert Says:

    Surfing and whale watching - what more coudl you ask for! How’s the shark spotting going? Not long to the half-way mark now - great going lads, keep it up.

  2. russ Says:

    Boys, great to see you’re heading in the right direction again - by my reckoning you could be half way by the end of today… (54nm out at 06.02 16/6)

    I know it’s still a way off but have you got a rough ETA for Mauritius in your heads? It’d be interesting to see how you calculate your progress for the second half of the race - whether it will be a quicker half due to currents, wind etc or about the same.

    Did you know that ‘Day 58′ is a little auspicious in the pioneering / adventurer world? In 2004 Steve Fossett completed the fastest crewed circumnavigation of the globe aboard ‘Cheyenne’ in 58 days, 9 hours, 32 mins (since beaten by Francis Joyon). In 1928 Franz Romer rowed from the Canary Islands to Puerto Rico in 58 days and in 1990 Borge Ousland (long time adversary of Ran Fiennes) ski-treked the 800km from Ward Hunt Island, Canada to the North Pole in, you guessed it, 58 days…

    Hope this provides suitable motivation - you are in great company and continue to provide endless inspiration to all of us.

    Proud of you lads - keep it going.

    Russ x

  3. JeremyChristey Says:

    russ you are right on the mileage, half way should be coming up later today - be prepared!

    Answers to further questions coming later…


  4. JeremyChristey Says:

    BTW Andy,

    Over and out?! Over and out?! What!

    Have I taught you nothing in sailing over the last 18 months?!!!

    You so owe Tim and I a beer for that…


  5. ashjs Says:

    Hey Guy and Andy. Hope you both are ok. If it one wild animal I would like to see is a whale!! Anyway hope you are coping with all the weather. I am very proud of you both and I am behind you all the way. I would love to come and meet you when you arrive in “marrisious”? You both have achoeved something that you will never forget. Good luck to you both for the rest of your race and cannot wait till I see you both when you return. cya soon. Keep smiling:) x x

  6. sally newall Says:


    Awesome achievement reaching half way. Well done, well done. I’m going to write a wee article for the County Times tomorrow.

    Anything you would like to say to the people of Horsham?

    Also, beard update please.


  7. Claire Says:

    EEEEK help!!!! it was me who added the over and out - please forgive my ignorance in the excitment of all this and I will buy the beers!!!! :-)

  8. engie Says:

    Guy’s! this is awesome news. Can’t believe how quickly you’re motoring. As for this whale business, thank god i’m a gardener and only have to contend with the odd squirrel or robin. Keep up the good work guy’s. Not long now

  9. Kathryn Watts Says:

    WOW what I would give to be seeing whales rather than the inside of a very dull office! how magical they are…hope this gives you a good boost to get to Mauritius. Keep us posted on other spots..in the ocean not on your bums! big love Kxx

  10. JeremyChristey Says:


    You’re on

    catch up at the reunion!


  11. chrissyg Says:

    Hey you guys
    Congrats on your progress since I last checked in - awesome! Hope you got mum’s blog Guy, it was like crossing the world’s third largest ocean in a rowing boat trying to get her online - sorry mum! Really felt for you when you said the currents were pushing you back and then you came back with the shooting star blog, must be some serious mind games going on but you are both clearly psychologically hard as nails! Keep going and catch that other pair!
    Love Chris & Ali xxx

  12. Ian Chorlton Says:

    Alright lads,

    glad to hear you are making good progress. With all the wildlife you are seeing you should do a Sir David Attenbourough type commentry for us on the podcast!

    I am wondering what exactly you both look like right now. I imagine it would be something like Tom Hanks out of Castaway. When you get back I will get the good old clippers out although they might start smoking when I set them loose on your hair.

    Andy, no exciting football news really but I will keep you updated my man.

    That’s it from me this fine evening.

    Over and out-sorry Jeremy!

    Andy C (The Hammer)

  13. Goldie Says:

    Congrats on the halfway - that’s awesome! x x

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