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Day 63 - Eye of the Storm

Hi Guys

Interesting day struggling with big seas.  We spent the morning watching ships and waiting to see what the weather did.  We had to get the drove out (giant sock) to hold the boat in line with the waves rather than allow them to hit us side on which is very dangerous in deep seas.  We are experiencing pretty strong winds which is forcing us south, in fact the conditions are such that we have had the para anchor out and are using the time to get some sleep.  I went out of the cabin earlier to check the weather and got very wet.  We have been close to the eye of the storm and its been a strange sky with one side of us clear and the other full of intense clouds.

It’s fairly none-eventful waiting for the wind to change and the storm to pass but we have got signs that it is finally shifting direction and in fact I did a rowing set earlier which was nice as we got moving.¬† Andy is currently rowing and enjoying surfing the waves!¬† We are going to keep an eye on the weather but is looks unlikely that we will be rowing tonight as it will be too dangerous.¬† Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

Cheers guys.

Guy out

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23 Responses to “Day 63 - Eye of the Storm”

  1. JeremyChristey Says:

    cummon girls,

    we’re behind you


  2. Craig Says:

    Keep it up boys-I know it must be tough,the boredom and irritation of the storm holding you back,but I know it’s not gonna keep you down! Have you listened to all your music yet? What’s the song of the trip? Hopefully not something depressing from Syd Barrett?! I’m thinking of ya boys-very proud. Much love,Craig x p.s. “my favourite actor is a Mr Sydney Poitier”

  3. Helen Says:

    Hi there guys,
    Hope all is well….tho’ like Sarah, I think you’ve had some rough and unsporting weather. She, at last , is going west again…thankfully. heard from Xtina this evening. She , like me watches you all closely and no doubt worries a smuch too.
    Stay strong though.just think of all those beers you can have once you reach Mauritius!!! or will it be something a bit stronger??
    Don’t know if you’ve heard from Sarah recently, but she had a very close encounter with three large whales the other day….beautiful, but rather nervewrackibg…one swam straight over her lines to the para anchor. Anyway, she was thrilled to see them, but has asked them to avoid swimmimg over the lines again.
    Keep plugging away at it all. Take care, Hugz xx Helen

  4. fionawatts Says:

    Having spent the last few months tied to the office setting up our new business I could not ignore the conincidence that my first outing was a business trip to Lisbon last week where I was going through security at Heathrow I was surrounded by the GB rowing team! Approaching a complete stranger and asking for support for my cousin I have to say took a huge amount of courage. Not knowing any British rowers other than Steve Redgrave, I nervously approached the tallest, most strapping lad I could find to tell them about my cousin’s world record attempt to cross the indian ocean. The GB team were on their way to Munich to row for England. I gave him the web address and asked for his support not sure if we would hear from him, and I excitedly found out from Tom that not only I have chosen a gold medalist from the 50 strong team at Heathrow but that he has written on the website and given such great words of support!! Pete was so supportive when I told him what Guy & Andrew were doing and he seemed so impressed with their attempt which as a Gold medalist made me feel incredibely proud of my cousin. Thank you to Pete for taking the time to write on the web and support Guy & Andrew.
    I am so pleased to read that while I have been away you have passed the half way mark. Keep it up boys I do hope the weather clears. Masses of love, Fiona xxx

  5. Tom W Says:

    What an amazing story Fi, you’ve got guts is all I can say (he’s 6ft6)! Having someone like Pete Reed supporting the boys means the world. Guy & Andy - keep pushing lads! You set the standard. Lots love, kat,tom,mimi le rouis xxx

  6. xtina Says:

    Masses of love to you too Fiona, thanks for your words in supporting Team MSS

    May the winds blow their way
    With sunshine,strength and stamina.


  7. hodge Says:

    Total respect to you both, when you cross that finish line you’ll be on top of the world! Well done so far and keep surfing! must be a great feeling. Wishing you fair winds and the odd wave to hurtle down to make things interesting!

    I’d love to give you some rowing advice or motivation, but my stuff relates to distance a little bit shorter, by about 3,779 NM, and ‘your legs will never fail you’ and ‘your so strong’ might not translate so well, however you are doing something amazing, just keep going!

    All the best

  8. robw Says:

    You guys are complete and utter legends you really are. I’m planning on rowing the Atlantic and following your story is the motivation I need. I admire how your in high spirits, you have every reason to be, I’m currently in an office at my desk and your in the middle of an ocean, that’s just mind boggeling. Your going to make it, it’s just a question of persevering through it.

    I will be so jelous of the pride you will feel when you hit dry land and of the sights you are seeing. I will be spreading this website through Toyota HQ for everyone to see.

    Good luck lads

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