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Day 65 - The Para Anchor

The para (parachute) anchor is a vital piece of equipment for trans oceanic passages. It is a large drogue deployed at varying depths to hold you in the current either assisting with the current or stopping you being blown in the wrong direction by your windage. A typical one is here, for sale in a chandlery.You use it on the end of a very long line, which itself has some slight spring to it, and it sits two or three sets of waves to windward of you. At your end it’s attached to a bridal, a piece of rope which comes from a couple of places either side of the boat to spread the load rather than forcing a lot of load on one point and holding the boat evenly. It was this bridal that broke on ‘Doing Time’ earlier in the race, which led to their para anchor being lost.

You can change the angle of deployment by tweaking the lines, to anchor in an area of water below the surface current, which can move at about 1:25 - 1:50 of the wind speed and combined with the windage this is something that Flying Ferkins may want to avoid. However, if the wind is pushing them in a favourable direction, Flying Ferkins can simply drift with it, and in more extreme conditions, they use a very small drogue off the back end so that they do not go down face of the waves, which can be quite dangerous.

The para anchor is so efficient that it is very difficult to retrieve, so a trip line is fitted, and when you pull it in by one corner it becomes deflated. When the boys use the para anchor they will check their direction of drift hourly, have all rope points and knots taped up so that they do not wear in the friction and be ready to row again when ever they can!

Flying Ferkins Support Crew out.

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6 Responses to “Day 65 - The Para Anchor”

  1. Claire Says:

    Well I hope someone comes up with a way to do all that to music!!!

    Conjures up a scary picture but good to know………………I think?!!

  2. johnp Says:

    What’s gone wrong. SC are getting away. FF are on the wrong bearing and will hit Indonesia in a month or so.

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