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Day 66 - Chatting to Simon Prior

Conditions light at present although still a strong swell which is stopping Flying Ferkins going West. Winds South Westerley. Andrew & Guy presently sitting on the para anchor holding position. They will head West when they can. Boys have called and spoken to Simon Prior onboard the Woodvale support vessel Desiderata. By all accounts they enjoyed speaking to each other. More excitement onboard Flying Ferkins as they saw a ship last night. The ship was 4 miles away. The AIS (Automatic Identification System) proximity alarm worked well to notify them along with their ’see me’ active radar reflector. They had a brief radio conversation with the boat and then watched the boat disappear into the distance.

Distance made West:

Tue 49nm

Wed 27nm

Tom out

Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

20 Responses to “Day 66 - Chatting to Simon Prior”

  1. johnp Says:

    They are nw 100 nm behind SC. Have they lost their paddles? Why are they pointing towards Antarctica?

  2. Pascoe Says:

    I know this is long overdue but I wanted to say thank you SO much to all those who donated the cost of a beer to Orchid for the boys birthday they were so touched and gave them a much needed boost. The generosity and support of everyone has completely overwhelmed them and certainly the main asset helping them through.

    If you missed out and fancy contributing to the boys fantastic efforts in raising money and awareness for Orchid, feel free to click on the charity link. I know their ideal is now to get as much out of this race for Orchid as for themselves.

    Aside from that think they are teasing us at the moment with their arrow pointing in all directions. It should now be firmly positioned to mauritius as so excited for them heading back now,


  3. KatKnight Says:

    Hey Boys,

    How are you? Glad to see you are clocking up the miles. We need to beat SC though.

    Neil and I realised U2 is in a few months, hope you’re brushing up on their last album. Guy we’re also going camping in August/ September, be great if you could come. We were going to go caneoing but you may be fed up of rowing by then! :0)

    So, how you chaps feeling/ looking? You must be fairly brown/ skinny/ hairy by now? Can you send any pictures?

    Looking forward to seeing you soon for some brewski’s in the sun.

    Love Kat


  4. missnicolajames Says:

    and also well done Sarah for putting up with a boyfriend with such a crazy ambition!!!

    I went on the website showing the progress of all the teams, and was delighted to see that the first teams are finishing.. and I realised that I had forgotten about the other teams so decided to check out Southern Cross’ website.. Dont know if you saw but on the 13th June, they had this in their blog:

    “They also keep their eyes on the Flying Ferkins and had a message – “Hey you Flying Ferkins, you must be just out of sight over the horizon; don’t hide; would be good to pull over and have a beer; but maybe no time for a beer (or is it there is no beer to pull over for?)” JJ want you to know they are glad you are surviving the weather too and are hoping for an exciting photo finish.”

    The support between the teams is amazing, all striving towards their common goal.

    Keep at it boys, the end is in sight… and think of all the fun that lies ahead in Mauritius - jealous!!!

  5. Pascoe Says:

    thanks nic. though I think it is well done to ALL the flying ferkins family, as think we have all coped million times better than we ever imagined. Shows what good team work and two strong willed young men can achieve.

    Really nice to have the support between the teams too, even if the underlying feelings are competitive.

  6. JeremyChristey Says:

    That’s nice from SC - well done JJ boys, you’re a gritty pair! Beers all round at the other end…

    John P, in answer to your questions, the heading varies so much on the updates as the boat slews around under para anchor on that springy rope, and all you get is a snapshot at that second, so it could be pointing anywhere.

    Having said that, over the last 24 hours, is that the two pairs have been in different winds and SC have been able to row in a good NE direction and we’ve had to hang out waiting for the wind to abate.

    Which it has just done now…


  7. JeremyChristey Says:

    apologies for the grammar in the penultimate paragraph - I didn’t check it

    is it that I can’t communicate

  8. Lina Says:

    Hi there! I can actually get back to the computer and check your blog, so exciting to see your progress…..Well it looks as if the team of 8 is reaching Mts soon, as I said to Sarah I wish I had a Magic wand to push you faster towards the island, but anyway you are doing great and hope that the weather will be good to you!!!!

  9. maryp Says:

    That para-anchor seems like it has been worth it’s weight in gold, imagine where you could be without it!! Now all we need is that wind to change and you’ll be back riding those crests of the waves in no time, zooming along. Well done lads. Cakes are stacking up in the freezer, but I think will be rationed on return so as not to destroy those well toned physiques. LOL

  10. Katie Says:

    Hey guys
    Your ears must have been burning yesterday (or whatever the time difference is at the moment!?), as myself, Sophs, Jules and Hells Bells were all chatting about you guys. We are all urging you on sooo much, and talking about the food you will be munching on when you are back - Del we want to be able to hide behind your stomach again ;)
    Know you can catch up the other pair!

  11. John Says:

    You must be sick of hanging around on that para anchor. You may not feel it but you are on the home straight now ..you can be in sight of Mauritius in 30 days. You can beat SC in a straight row, you have done it before you can and WILL do it gain. So head North West just keep on rowing and keep thinking of how you will feel when you see that first glimmer of distant land…. OK and the sight of beers and burgers !

  12. lollymcfee Says:

    Hi Guy and Andrew Still watching with lots of, COME ON LADS YOU CAN DO IT. Congratulations On the Over Half Way Mark. Think of you both often. Looking forward to you overtaking the southern cross. I’m not biased of course. Thursdays i can catch up more with your mum,[ Guy ]. I love talking to her about you progress even though i still log on morn and night Take are both of you.love lorrainex P.s My trip to florida was really great except we had rain almost every day.

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